MateoConLechuga wrote:

Just checked Steam - I have over 200 hrs. in Portal 2. Hmm...
So this still probably looks a little bit ghetto but I actually made myself a real desk the other day!

The desk could maybe use some paint or other finishings but it works really good, much better than my first post Razz
Gee, if you guys think you've seen messy, you haven't seen my desk. Laughing I am a student, so I am not working from home, and I mainly use it for projects and stuff. I'll send a pic tomorrow after i clean it up.
Luxen, you didn’t have to flex so hard
Here is mine. A school Chromebook, a drone, ti-84, some magic and Yugioh cards, and a fish tank.

Also, nice Portal background
I have two desks, one for my computer, and another one for other things.
Computer desk:

Other desk:
Here's my new dorm room desk setup
Just got done setting this up. Cleaning my room felt good. My battlestation is centered around my trusty 2012 15" Macbook.
commandblockguy wrote:

That is incredible. Also, +1 karma for having TheButton open
Here's my setup!

sorry for the mess Very Happy

(I live in Japan so that's why there's a Japanese dictionary btw)

There's a lot of stuff here, including my collection of Splatoon 2 amiibos and various Rubik's cubes, a 15" mid-2012 MacBook Pro (which used to be my dad's), my trusty TI-84 Plus CE, and some other stuff. The wooden desk add-on thing is one that I made at school, cut, nailed & sanded by hand.
@KMisthebomb: I see some cubes!

My program development circumstances last night:

Do not be surprised about my lamp; I just put an old sock on it to reduce the light;
KMisthebomb: I love how clean and modern that looks! That’s some nice organization too.

DAVID-19: A stark contrast in comparison, but I like the moody lighting. Wont the sock get really hot though?
haha, don't worry, it's a LED lamp like the LED chain in the background.
I just like modern, cool and energy-saving LEDs, which look like the older
light bulbs.

But I am very jealous of the desk of KMisthebomb,
so I want to clean up my desk and post the result!
My current setup, more or less (since I took this photo I added more lights and a shelf above the monitors):

I have a portable laptop- I usually just set up shop in the nearest chair. I'm looking into getting an actually nice chair in the interests of having better posture- if anyone has any suggestions that are worth my Dollars, let me know Very Happy

My actual desk is currently home to a (midi) keyboard, a lamp, my raspberry pi's (mounted to the side, with a little button on the top of the desk that restarts them), my calculators, and a 3d printer (as well as assorted 3d printing paraphernalia, like clippers, carefully enumerated parts from my latest printing project, and a suprising number of little plastic strings). There's too much personally identifying stuff on it right now for a picture, but I have occasionally sent pictures of it in Discord/IRC.

While I'm sure there's some preening going on here, I'm actually fairly impressed with how organized everyone's desks are. I like having a thin layer of the things I need spread out across my desk, generally sacrificing organization for ease of identification, access, and storage. As you can imagine, I'm bundles of fun to live with Evil or Very Mad
So, I cleaned up!

TheLastMillennial wrote:
What was that about being messy?

My dude, i have that same monitor in my basement.
This is my set up at the moment. The view out the window is quite nice, but unfortunately no good when I'm gaming.. hence the roller shutter remotes sitting immediately to my left Laughing

Setup number 1:

And setup number 2:

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