Should an insane mode be included in 2.1.2?
Yes! Sounds fun!
 100%  [ 1 ]
No, save the space and release it sooner!
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X-Wing 2.1 is an unofficial update to Chris Tandiono's 2004 83+ port of Scott Westenhaver's X-Wing 2.0, a 3D game in TI-Basic where you shoot down enemy TIE fighters in an X-Wing.

It makes a myriad of improvements and updates to improve the general experience while leaving the gameplay untouched. These improvements include:
- No more XSETUP program! The XWING program now automatically sets itself up.
- Smaller program size (now only 5,065 bytes instead of the original's 5,125)
- Shell compatibility has been added.
- 3 new results screens have been added on top of the existing ones (You'll have to play the game to see them)
- Fixed a bug where after selecting a difficulty the display would go blank.
- Heavily reduced menu flashing

and other small updates like smaller text spacing.

It's been submitted to the archives on Cemetech, so onceif it releases do give me a try and let me know what you think of the improvements!
X-Wing 2.1 Revival is now available here!
X-Wing 2.1.1 is in the works! I've made the changes to the menu that many of you were requesting, and fixed up some memory leaks to make the game run faster.

Here's a comparison between 2.1.1 and the original X-Wing 2.0 83+ port!


X-Wing 2.1.1 has now released, and is available here, on TI-Planet here,, and eventually
Fantastic work - big Star Wars fan here so I'm keen to check it out Smile.
I figure I should give a few updates on this:
- X-Wing 2.1.1 is up on now at

I'm pretty much done with the main program, but am working on a set of 6 picvars will allow you to effectively use two new ships: the ARC-170 Starfighter and the TIE Fighter.

I don't really have anything to show yet, but plan to finish the ARC-170 by Monday, February 8th.

When these 2 ships are finished, I plan to release them together separately from X-Wing 2.1.1- I'll post here again when I have more to show.

See you Monday!
The URL has the . in it at the end and complains as invalid.

I downloaded and checked it out, nice work Smile.

I was once making an X-Wing game in 3D for the 83+ ... but I never finished it Sad.
As promised, here's a look at the ARC-170!

For reference, here's what I'm basing this off of:

What do you all think?

Also, I made a bit of an error earlier in the number of picvars used for the ship- Only one is used, not three.
Some updates on X-Wing 2.1.2:

I've made a DoorsCS icon for X-Wing 2.1.2! Pretty happy with how this turned out.

The TIE Fighter is finished!

Yes I know it's a bit sloppy but its not really much more than a bonus anyway

I've also fixed a bug which caused the intro to sometimes display incorrectly, and got the size down a whole 102 bytes from 2.1.1's 5099 to 4997 bytes (including headers).

I'm kind of torn on one thing though: I'm considering delaying the release a little to add a new difficulty level: Insane mode. In insane mode, the AI will deal double damage to your ship and have no limitations on their fire rate- you could theoretically die from full health in only 3 frames. Evil or Very Mad Does this sound like a fun inclusion? Or should I just skip it to save space and time? I'm leaving that up to you all to vote on. (Keep in mind that this is planned to be the final update to the game.)

I'll be releasing X-Wing 2.1.2 soon after the poll closes in 4 days, so let me know what you think!
2.1.2 is finished! Here's a list of changes:
- The filesize is now only 4975 bytes (including header) now thanks to heavy optimization
- a new DoorsCS icon
- 2 new custom ships, the ARC-170 Starfighter and the TIE fighter.

Wabbitemu is a little fast lol

X-Wing 2.1.2 has just been submitted to the archives here and on here. It is also available right now on TI-Planet here.

Go give it a shot, and don't forget to post your high scores here! Smile
Today, I saw that X-Wing 2.1 got a news article on TI-Planet, which inspired me to start working on 2.1.3.

Here's what's coming in 2.1.3:
- Jedi difficulty- the hardest yet! Good luck getting more than 100 points!
- Fixed a bug in the difficulty menu which caused medium difficulty to register as hard difficulty instead of...medium
- very minor speedups to the 3D engine

2.1.3 won't take long- I'd say until this Friday at the very latest. See you then! Smile
Looking forward to it Smile.
I vaguely remember playing one of the earlier versions back in the day... I think it’s about time I try your revival! It looks super cool
X-Wing 2.1.3 is done, and has been submitted to the archives here, TI-Planet here and will be on

Time for one last update: X-Wing 2.1.4.
This version is planned the final version of the game, or at least the final pure TI-BASIC version- I may create a version that uses Celtic III to allow for diagonal inputs while flying in the future, but that would be too big of a change for an incremental update like this.

It makes the following changes:
- Thanks to a lot of optimizations at the intro, program size is now tied with 2.1.2 at only 4,975 bytes, 150 less than the original port,
- A new custom ship is in the works: The T-70 X-Wing!

Once it's completed, there will be a custom ship for every trilogy!

I'll post screenshots here as soon as it's completed. See you then!
Been holding this off for way too long, so here it is: X-Wing 2.1.4!
It brings the filesize down to 170 bytes below the original port, and adds the T-70 X-Wing to the game!

Yes, this is indeed the final version of X-Wing 2.1. I feel like I've done all I can to improve the game, at least in pure TI-Basic.

However, I do have something else in the works...

X-Wing 2.2 (or maybe X-Wing III? I dunno), now using Celtic III! I've already added diagonal movement, removed any flashing effects during gameplay, and plan to somewhat recreate the Star Wars Arcade 32x campaign as a new mode. It is still quite buggy and FAR from being finished though, so don't expect to see any news of it soon.

In the meantime, I've submitted X-wing 2.1.4 to the archives,, TI-Planet, and for the first time, TI-Basic Dev.

EDIT: X-Wing 2.1 wasn't actually in TIBD's archives until 8/31 due to upload issues, but it's there now!
tr1p1ea wrote:
Thought about programming X-Wing in ASM/C?

I don't really have the calc for C, but porting X-Wing 2.2 to Axe would certainly be beneficial for speed. I'll definitely take a shot at porting this to Axe once I finish the CE port of Calculator Street Racing (which in turn comes after I finish Calculator Street Racing)

Speaking of X-Wing 2.2, I kind of dropped it after adding the 8-angle movement support. I've decided that it would be a bit of a waste to just leave it to rot in the flash memory of my 84+, so I'm releasing it to the archives under the "Beta Programs" category.
It is a definite improvement over X-Wing 2.1.4 - flashing during gameplay is completely gone, it runs a bit faster, and you can now move in 8 directions instead of 4. However, I don't think it's a great use of the library- and as a result, development on the Celtic III version is officially cancelled.

I'll make a new thread for when I get around to the axe port. Until then!
Well technically you can program in C for the monochrome calcs using the z88dk ... which is actually still being maintained (not so much the calc side though).

That being said Axe is very good and allows you to dev on calc if that's your thing.

Looking at the game I think Axe/ASM could give a very nice speed improvement considering how well it runs in BASIC as is Smile.
I admit that ever since I saw this game on GFox83 20 years ago, I still somehow never played it. I guess the constant flickering would have driven me away from it, so I'm glad to see this game improved significantly. I should definitively give this a try at some point Smile
I've got an idea for you to pursue endlessly for days on end...

Port it to the CE. In full color. With pew-pew graphics and explosion-y effects and everything. Also make the TIE fighters shoot back. And have multiple on-screen at a time, and have the TIE fighters be harder to hit (viz., they move). Go the whole hog. Take up my entire archive. I don't care, just do it!

edit: obviously, i would have to be in c for this to actually work Neutral
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