I get a "RAM cleared" message on my TI-84 CE every time I turn it on. No previous calculations are saved on screen. Can I fix this or is this a feature? My calc is currently running on the latest version.
This isnt intended. Is your backup battery installed? are the batteries securely placed in their terminals?

If not, then make sure test mode isnt on.
You'll know test mode is on if the status bar at the top of the screen is a brilliant blue instead of the usual grayish color.
It is not a feature of this calculator, that the RAM is cleared every time you turn it on.

I hope this isn`t a unsolveable fatal error.

The simplest cause of this problem may be that the battery is not securely placed and there is a slipping contact. You can open the battery case on the back and check if the contacts of the battery fit on the contacts of the calculator.

Else try [2nd][+][7][<][ENTER][2]. This will reset defaults, app data, archive, RAM and more (so make sure you backup personal files).
Hopefully this is enough to solve the problem.

EDIT: oops, I hope I'm not too late,
but note that this reset option will also delete most apps on your calculator
(actually, this is already warned in the reset menu).
You should better back up the apps too.
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