The stats page was quietly removed, presumably as part of the site upgrade that is happening. I would like to have it back at some point; I like numbers Evil or Very Mad

I found that the image that was there still exists and functions, which is pretty neat:

While I appreciate that the links to the page were removed, I would have appreciated some kind of post on the forums about this when it happened. In addition to increasing my general enjoyment here when I can see what is happening, it alleviates the sense of déjà vu an entire two people have expressed (myself in HCWP on March 10th and Sam on the 12th).
If you liked the old, hard-to-read graph then you'll love the new, interactive one!

Non-interactive sample:

Did you know that the new one displays all the same data as the old one? The 30-day average is a barely visible blue line on the old one.
Tari wrote:
If you liked the old, hard-to-read graph then you'll love the new, interactive one!

This is totally sweet! I hope this eventually extends to user profiles too.
I agree with Sam! I love the graph's Cemetech color theme, because it translates really well to plotting contrasting lines on graphs, especially when compared to the non-Cemetech color theme that the old graph had. The old graph resembles a jagged, violent wave while the new one looks like a way neater and calmer wave. I mean, who wouldn't want to surf a nice and neat wave of ketchup and mustard? Hopefully the wave of ketchup and mustard arrives at the shores of the user profiles Smile
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