Hey all,

I found something really nice: No Video Jam 2!
What it is? well, an audio game slow jam where graphics aren't the focus.
For more info and to join this amazing adventure, go here: https://itch.io/jam/no-video-jam-2

Mayana wrote:
Are any of you up for a little challenge? If so, you could join the #NoVideoJam, and make it an even bigger success than it was last year!
Yeah, no video. Well, you could have it. But the point of this #GameJam is to
1. remind developers that yes,, #blind gamers exist, yes, we would love to have more games to play, and no, it isn't so hard to make them and
2. to give us more of said games, because hell, there really isn't enough of them.
If this sounds scary, don't worry, there's plenty of people willing to help you. There's a Discord server linked in the jam's description, with plenty of skilled developers, sound designers and beta testers. And if you aren't into Discord, you could try forum.audiogames.net.
And finally, the link! itch.io/jam/no-video-jam-2
This is a great idea, we have some people who are great with sound here.
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