An obvious bot:
Yet more spambots. Again, the first posts of the day aren't even legitimate users, sad beans.
Hippity hoppity, get off Kerm M's property.
Posts taken care of Smile
IRL Store - Animal Crossing shop spam:

Michael2_3B wrote:

But not this one Evil or Very Mad
Man, this antivirus sounds super effective!
Antivirus scans your computer on a regular basis to ensure that dormant virus near your computer can harm the operations

Please replace spam edit with the original message, or just delete it as it didn't add anything to the thread.
Any updates on this project? I would be excited to see it.
by the way, i'm not sure where this goes, but i'm pretty sure that my last account on this website (which i of course forgot my password to) was 'whodoyouthink' or something like that. i'm not sure if i had any projects on sourcecoder3, but i hadn't done anything significant at all on that account, so if an admin finds the account, u can delete it because it is probably a waste of server space!
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