I have decided to enter this contest after spending much of yesterday brainstorming and drafting some code. I tend to not join these because I don't do well with deadlines, but I think just this once I will join up, not so much to win as to have some fun with it.

My submission entry will be called MCADMIN, an interactive game that doubles as a bit of an inside joke that pokes fun at some of the old lag issues on the Cemetech Minecraft server. In this game you will take the role of a server admin as you languish to prevent the CPU of the server from melting or the server from crashing for 5 minutes. Once the clock hits 5 minutes, if the server has not melted or crashed, you win. The game will track CPU core temp and MSPT in a real-time bargraph like you'd see in system reports on a number of operating systems, and you will be able to take a number of actions to try to slow down the impending disaster. Some are actual, genuine methods of reducing CPU temperatures, others are are tongue-in-cheek jokes.

Screenshots to follow once I get something workable.
Here's a small demo of what I've done most of today and a few hours yesterday:

Some coolnesses.
When the % proc hits 100%, the tps begins dropping and a string of simulated complaints begin in chat.
You only have to last 5 minutes (300 seconds). If you succeed, you get an enhanced difficulty "overclocked mode".
Every time you beat the game, the clock speed increases (meaning temperatures trend higher faster and don't respond as well to your actions).
I still have to implement proper exit messages so you know if you lost or won, but hey it's good progress for one day.
Well I have finished my entry. I'll work on optimization a bit before submitting, but here's a screenshot of it in action in all of its full glory.
Also, as far as credit goes, I did poke beck and command about one particular bug I couldn't figure out, only to realize it was a mistake as simple as:

 for(j=0; i<4; j++)

When the middle condition should have been j<4.

Nice work, ACagliano, you've managed to create the game in a very impressive amount of time. I like the premise of this game as well, it seems like something that could be relatable for older members of Cemetech.

Looks like you're about done, so good luck in the contest (and to the other contestants as well, of course)!
Officially submitted my entry 2 weeks ago (didn't realize there had been an extension at the time). Sadly the code was a bit less optimized than I would like liked (as in probably really d*mn unoptimized), so not only does my entry involve the concept of heat, it produces LITERAL heat when running as well.

I'm not normally one to enter contests.... deadlines and me don't mesh well as I'm sure my numerous stops-and-starts with other projects of mine have made quite clear, but this one was quite fun, so I may hop into these more from time to time. Either way, thanks for hosting it epsilon.
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