As an admin on these forums, I wield quite a bit of power in determining what does and does not happen around here. In order to help you not get on my "not happening side," I've decided to provide you with a handy list of things that bug me.

1. Incoherency -- I can't stand posts that are rendered unreadable by the poster's utter lack of articulation. Generally such posts demonstrate zero knowledge of grammar, spelling, or the English language.

2. Poor Spelling -- When you spell things correctly, people will know exactly what you are saying. When you do not, there will be confusion as to what you are saying. Take the two extra seconds to spellcheck a word whose spelling you are unsure of and learn to spell common words correctly.

3. Sloppy Grammar -- Although no one is going to post in the manner prescribed in Rogister's Super-Grammar Reference 80,000th Edition, I dislike poor grammar. Try to start sentences with capital letters,

4. Stupid & Non-Descriptive Thread Names -- Give your threads informative, correctly spelled and formatted titles. It makes it much easier for everyone to pick out relevant threads that they want to read.

5. Improper Use of BBCode -- BBCode consists of only a few simple tags, yet some imbeciles still manage to use it incorrectly. Make sure you don't have extra spaces in your quote tags, use code tags where appropriate, and make sure all tags are properly nested and closed.

6. Signing Posts -- Some people have a habit of signing each post in the message content. Do not do this. That's what signatures are for.

7. Posting Massive Pictures -- large pictures interrupt the flow of the thread and resize the page horizontally. If you have a big picture post a link rather than using an [img] tag.

8. Hijacking Threads -- Don't hijack threads that have a specific purpose such as discussing a piece of code or working on a project. Off-topic posts belong in the chattier threads such as Candid Photos and most things in the Rants forum.

9. n00bishness -- People who think they know what they are doing but in reality have no clue. If you don't know something, don't pretend and make a fool of yourself. If you want to ask a question that you suspect may be fairly basic, do a little bit of research before posting to make sure you definitely cannot find the answer. If you decide to go ahead in ask, ask concisely and give as much relevant information as possible -- not only will others more knowledgable than you respect the effort on your part, but your question will be answered much more quickly.

10. Lame Threads -- No further explanation needed.
I agree with all of those except for #6; that particular one doesn 't annoy me too much.

but we aal know how annoyng it is wehn ppl use bad formatting no punctuation and [b]worng[b] bbcode, so lets not use any of those and oh of course apostrafees are a no no too

~~~~~~Kermit DA Martian~~~~~~
I like, I like....

The signiture in a post just makes everything unnecessarily bloated, which is why it is pointless...

-Kllrnohj (see? this adds an extra 2 lines to do absolutely nothing)
I'm hoping that was not an accidental misspelling. Razz
KermMartian wrote:

~~~~~~Kermit DA Frog~~~~~~

lol...Just Joking
Laughing Just Joking Very Happy Smile Sad Crying Shock Question Exclamation Arrow Good Idea Bad Idea

TI-73 TI-83+ TI-86 TI-89
mind if I still a few of your emoticons for my site?
*steal. Not at all, have fun. Especially the calculator ones! Smile
KermMartian wrote:
*steal. Not at all, have fun. Especially the calculator ones! Smile

I might also recommend that you deviate a bit from the (ugh) default subSilver theme. It's so bland and boring. If you want, I could suggest some alternatives.
I like chunkStyle and Silver_Xire personally. Both are on my forum if you want a look-see.
the problem is that I have done custom mods and stuff, and EasyMod doesn't support SFTP, but UTI doesn't support normal FTP....just change it to one of the other styles....Ive got some cool ones
Oh, ok, I'll try that out. Good stuff.
jpez wrote:
10. Lame Threads -- No further explanation needed.

Like this one, maybe?
This thread is a demo of what not to do.
elfprince13 wrote:
mind if I still a few of your emoticons for my site?
In this post you broke rules 2 and 8. For shame... Rolling Eyes
Some of the things can be considered just courtesy rules, or what ever you want to call it, but
6. Signing Posts -- Some people have a habit of signing each post in the message content. Do not do this. That's what signatures are for.

I don't see any harm in that. It doesn't hurt me, and I can easily ignore it...


10. Lame Threads -- No further explanation needed.

If it is something that is that bad, delete it, or move it to another, more appropriate sub-forum. No big deal there either...
The signature doesn't bother me either. I agree the nondescriptive topic titles can be a pain, but very few of you people do that.
Signatures, to me, seem like the person is trying to increase their word to post ratio without actually adding anything to the conversation. I don't see them as a particular annoyance, but I don't see any use for them either.
There is that, but the people manually adding sigs were doing so before the wordcount thing was in place, and at this point switching to the universal sig would give them near-global dual sigs, so it's probably better to just leave it be.
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