Is this a terrible idea?
 0%  [ 0 ]
Yes, but do it anyway
 71%  [ 10 ]
 7%  [ 1 ]
idk, I just like clicking buttons
 21%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 14

#cemetech wrote:
<Cemetech> _iPhoenix_ added a post in [CC25: _iPhoenix_]( )
<mr womp womp> I want to have a game where the player is very hot
<mr womp womp> lol
<kg583> make jump king on a CE
<kg583> the hot part is the final babe at the end
... (chat devolves into, uh, chaos)
<commandz> I'll make a "hot chicks simulator"
<commandz> and then the gameplay is just moving around a heat lamp in a chicken coop
... (karma and a video of a 83+ on a stove)
<epsilon5> Got to keep those chicks warm
<iPhoenix> would vote for yours instead of mine if you did that
... (comments about karma and a video of a 83+ on a stove)
<LogicalJoe> As long as I can overheat them I'm happy.
... (back to discussions of cacti)

So, yeah, guess I'm doing this now. :p
I'm not sure how to make gameplay engaging for this type of thing. One option would be to lean in to the joke-game-iness of it and make the gameplay intentionally extremely boring (e.g. you wait for the night in real-time to turn on the lamp, then wait for the day to turn it off).
Another possibility, which I'll probably end up going with unless I either come up with a better idea or run out of time, is a grid-based game, where you have chickens, blank space, and walls for tiles. Your job is to place the heat lamps, which radiate heat along the axes and diagonals, in such a way that each chicken is at the correct temperature.

I figure that I'll make all of the marketing for it (e.g. name, archives description, etc.) as much like those clickbaity ads as possible, to the degree that it's immediately obvious that it's a joke, without actually mentioning that it's a game that takes place in a chicken coop until you start up the game.
I simply can not distinguish if this will be a terrible idea or great one (until I see some eye candy). The game idea is surely very simple and would guarantee an early finish. Razz
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