This is my first post, so I figured I would post it on forums rather than spamming IRC. I'm wondering, what would be some useful features I could add that would make a Scrabble cheater's life easier?


module Main where

import Control.Monad (forever)
import Data.Char (toUpper)
import Data.List (isSubsequenceOf, sort)
import Data.Set (isSubsetOf)

wordDictionary :: IO [(String, String)]
wordDictionary = map (\x -> (sort x, x)) . lines <$> readFile "wordlist.txt"

findWords :: [([Char], b)] -> [Char] -> [b]
findWords dictionary charseq =
  let sortedsequence = sort $ map toUpper charseq
   in map snd $ filter (\(x, y) -> x `isSubsequenceOf` sortedsequence) dictionary

main :: IO ()
main = forever $ main' =<< wordDictionary
    main' dictionary = print . findWords dictionary =<< getLine

This is my Haskell file so you can see the logic. Smile

Maybe I'll port it to a Ti 84 CE Razz Graphing Calculator
Yes, definitely port it to the CE.

I do play Scrabble, so I can tell you that you would definitely have at least one user Very Happy .
I think the main issue for the CE would be the size of the wordlist?
Perhaps have it split up into multiple AppVars (maybe sort them by points or likelihood to have those letters?)
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