I've changed a little bit on how the main program works.

* Removed MathPrint support
* Capitalized the "D"s in "done"
* Changed a section in the data list, it now is the install location of functions instead of whether math print should be enabled (if not done so already)
* Added a built-in command to unsquish squished assembly code in assembly programs
* Removed the built-in command `CRASH`.

I've also made a fork of this program for the TI-84 Plus/SE. In this version 1.03α84, I've added the following built-in commands:

* TIMER_hours_minutes_seconds: Sets a timer for the desired hours, minutes, and seconds.
* STOPWATCH: Starts a stopwatch.
* TIME: Shows the time.
* DATE: Shows the date.
* HWCLOCK: This shows the hardware clock integer.
* UNIXCLOCK: Shows the Unix integer from the Hardware Clock.

If you have any suggestions, comments, or complaints let me know! OwO
Ehm, this looks cool. What project is this progress update to?
OP said in SAX it was TI-Command Line Alpha
Please continue in the original thread.
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