Ok, so you first you need to place the CEdev folder in your home folder if you haven't already.
Next, navigate to your home folder with Finder and type the following into .zshrc or .zshenv (create one if you haven't already, check if you have one of these files by pressing cmd-shift-.):


export CEDEV=/Users/myusername/CEdev

export PATH=$CEDEV/bin:$PATH

Then restart Terminal and cd to the folder with the source code (the folder with the makefile, NOT the src folder), and then type "make"
Your should see something like:


[success]bin/blah-blah-blah.8xp, (a number) bytes.

Then the output program will be in the bin folder. If there is nothing to be done, it'll say "make: nothing to be done for 'all' " (or something like that)
the stupid terminal still says that the variable isn't set! is there a way to post a screenshot of what I was doing to see what is wrong?
Use a site like Imgur to host images
Here is a link to a screen recording of me installing CEdev, and I don't know what mistake I made, but it didn't work.
Link: https://youtu.be/kAmBoynz_GI
It looks like it thinks that .zshenv is a text file, try deleting it, then copying an different "hidden" file (e.g. .zsh_history) and renaming it to .zshenv.
Fellow Mac user here. This may or may not be of help to you, but I have successfully used .zprofile to store configuration info for the zshell.



Alternatively, you can simply change your preferred shell to bash.


chsh -s /bin/bash

In this case, you use .bash_profile or .profile
KMisthebomb wrote:
It looks like it thinks that .zshenv is a text file, try deleting it, then copying an different "hidden" file (e.g. .zsh_history) and renaming it to .zshenv.

got it to work! thanks!
Idk but it should have the same icon as .zprofile.
I have CEdev working, so I am now trying to define a custom function for my terminal that cd's me to a certain directory and automatically compiles the c source code without me having to cd around my computer and type "make' all the time. How would you do that? By the way, my shell is zsh and I have "Oh My Zsh" installed, so that might make things different. Thank you in advance!
So here I am again, a little more knowledgeable about programming than i was 3 months ago, and therefore I created a github repo for my code instead of copying/pasting code into code blocks here. I am having trouble with my yaml here: https://github.com/randomguy70/SmartNotesCE/blob/main/smart_notes_ce/gfx/convimg.yaml
The trouble is that the terminal says


[error] Problem description: invalid leading UTF-8 octet
[error] Problem is probably around line 1.

Edit: now it says it can't find settings.png
Edit:: I am converting to C format now, not ICE format.
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