Thanks again, turns out my linker was per makefile /common/prizm.ld and was limited to 512kb, so I changed it to 1024 and all works again - I will report back if I verify a higher limit to work.

Regarding é - is it possible to pass hex E6 0A within the name argument in cmd prompt in windows 10 - or is this impossible - I assume when you mention shell you mean Linux, don't you?
It's apparently possible to provide arbitrary bytes in cmd.exe with weird trickery.
Thanks Tari, I was looking at this after I failed to get some dd command to overwrite any bytes in binary but i get lost in the other trickery. For now I will probably copy over patched areas manually and will search if there is something which can apply patching via cmd line in Windows later.

Gotta Catch 'Em All is distructing me a lot from coding - at least it is good exercise and some sun bathing
Since there's been some amount of commentary on changing icons for add-on files and my observation is that rebuilding from source tends to be difficult (and depending on the add-on may be nearly impossible unless you're the original author), I threw together a new utility similar to the existing g3a-icondump to change the icons in an existing g3a file: g3a-updateicon.

I've uploaded a new package to the archives that includes precompiled Windows binaries of mkg3a and the icon update tool.

Did you know that Windows uses filenames to guess whether a program needs elevation via UAC? I didn't until it saw "g3a-updateicon.exe" and prompted for elevation, which made me need to figure out how to include a manifest that tells Windows it actually doesn't need to run as an administrator (it involves writing a little XML and using mt.exe).
Thanks for the update very much. Originally it was documented that g3a headers at address 0x16 had two bytes which were an inverted word sum of 8 words starting at offset offset 0x7100 and it was working. But latest versions of 3DGraph, ProbSim, PictPlot, Geometry and Physium both version 1.05 and 1.06 have changed that approach and I cannot figure it out any more. I also cannot figure out how the new 4 bytes at address 0x1C are computed. Any idea how those two addresses are computed now?
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