Today is BioHazard's birthday! He is now officially an adult. I, personally, wish him the best of luck and a great life ahead of him. (And I hope that he'll keep making cool programs.) All the best wishes, BioHazard, I hope you have an awesome day!
(Please be sure to post birthday wishes to BioHazard on this topic.)
Thank you so much! This means a lot! I have lots of fun things to do today.
Even though I'm 18, I still feel like a kid.

All of you have a pawsome day!
Happy birthday BioHazard- I wish you nothing but the best for this day (though having a birthday so close to Christmas has to have its downsides, right?)
Thank you iPhoenix! Very Happy
Happy Birthday dude.
KaluW_ wrote:
Happy Birthday dude.

Thank you KaluW Smile
Don't know how I missed this, happy *belated* birthday!
Oof, I was on vacation and didn't see this. Happy birthday from TIny!
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