Does anyone know the game Storycubes?
If not, a small explanation: Storycubes is a dice game where you have to throw dices with pictures on it.
With the thrown result you then have to make a story. It can be as strange as possible.

I wanted to make a version of this nice game for the CE.
But the problem is, that I don't have the skills yet to make a program with a lot of pictures, if that's even possible...
So I decided to make a version where I use words. I then made a very long list with 100 words and made a program.

See here a screenshot of the program currently (this is a screenshot of all words being used):

I think that only putting a "-" for the words that are already used, might be confusing, because then you don't know what is the correct order of the words.
That's why I've numbers being put before it if you use a word.
Does that look good or should I use something else?

At the moment I do have one 'problem' though:
I think that the total size of the program is too big, since it's currently 4,3KB.
Is that acceptable?
Privacy_Dragon wrote:
At the moment I do have one 'problem' though:
I think that the total size of the program is too big since it's currently 4,3KB.
Is that acceptable?

The Program size is very reasonable. look forward to using this Very Happy
I'll tomorrow try to find people to test it and then working further on it!
Because in my opinion it has some limitations, but I don't know yet if they are alarming, as in, I don't know if I should really fix them when I don't know how to do that easily.
But for that I'll need people to test it, but it might be a challenge to find more than two people.
I know that I can maybe ask my sister, but further anyone who I know that knows Storycubes doesn't have a calculator as far as I know...
But to know that for sure I need to ask people of course, so I'll do that tomorrow.
What would be better?
This (with just nine words a time):

Or this? (with 16 words a time):
I think that most people say that the upper version would be better, but I think it actually has very few words....
So maybe I should make a version in C?
I'm now working on a version in C, but I am not really familiar with C yet, so it's a mess and I can't find what isn't correct...

I've this already, but I can't get it working with putting a word in the coloms.
Actually I only have a very little bit working, none of the controls yet...

So if anyone could help somewhere this week, I would be gratefull.
I don't have time At the moment, for I should sleep now, but if you want to have already a look at the code:
(Yes, I know that it is awful code)
I've solved some of the problems, but not all yet...
And with solving some problems I created others...
But at least It's going forward!
I've finished it now, so I'll now try to find people to test it and then I might release it!
Thanks to everyone who helped and especially to MateoC!
A preview:

If you are too impatient to wait some more days, you can send me a PM for the beta version.
I've just added the program to the file archive!

You can download it here!
I have made a version for the computer of this game!
It is available on Github!
And I am now also planning to make an Android version of it!
The PC version might get a big update too...
But still, I am most satisfied with the calculator version!
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