We are making a bit of a terraria clone for the monochrome series.

We will probably not win.
But we will try.

It will have seed generation, a survival mode if we finish creative, and maybe mobs if we learn how to use hybrid basic well.

Hope it at least doesn’t bring us down.
I think you'd do fine. We all will, and I think everyone who's in it are all winners. Good luck!
So... vague update time!
We have gotten in a decent world generator.
Things we are working on:
-player (drawing, movement, collision)
-placing and deleting blocks
-a survival mode
-maybe some sort of vague goal for the game
I need a partner, but am still working on this.
Here is a picture of it so far:
So yeah, its only one screen, but that will change soon.
There will be a whole world to explore!
Also am working on survival mode.
Or a way to “beat the game” (think a boss of some sort)
Also adding new types of blocks.
This is really getting to take up a lot of my time.
Thanks for reading this!
Looks suspiciously like Dig Man.

Keep up the nice work! Looking pretty sweet so far Smile
Aw man it does look like dig man!
I will try to make it better, though (its at a higher res, so i may be able to add stuff)
I finally implimented screen changes! I am proud of myself.
Wish dig man did not exist.
Am working on survival mode.
And adding ore.
And more blocks.
Soon, there will be the while thing.
Also: how should you “best the game?”
I cant think of a boss that can revolve around building....
To be fair, any Minecraft/terraria inspired 2D game is going to look the same.

Looks good so far.
I may honestly start work on a new game, but will continue working on this one.
The response to this has been overwhelmingly “its been done before”, and that is putting me off.
Everyone was supportive at first, but now its just plain negative.
If anyone has a way i could save this project, please tell me.
If not, I will most likely just give up and accept my position as a loser in the contest.
I will still enter, though.
Please keep up the terraria clone, I was looking forward to playing it! It doesn't matter if things like it have been done in the past, because if you didn't know those things existed, you're not copying them. Make it better than Dig Man! (that shouldn't be too hard. J/K)
I think you're doing a really good job, apologies if my comment seemed negative.

I think you can definitely distinguish your visuals from Dig Man - plus your game is likely to play entirely differently, regarding exploration for sure.
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