I am making a ti basic rpg, and have no idea how the combat should work.

Any ideas?
I am thinking either earthbound style or text based, but i still dont know where to start.

Please, send help!
What type of combat are you thinking of? Will it be more like Zelda, where you battle on map, or are you thinking of something more similar to Pokemon, where you battle on a separate screen?
It would be more like pokemon, but also earthbound, if you know that.
Ok. What else do you need help with in regards to that theme? If you know how to use BASIC libraries, I suggest using the PicArc/DCS identity( "PutSprite" Function for the enemy sprite, and then making a graph screen menu for the attacks.
Sorry, my above quote is sorta misleading.
I was thinking more earthbound-style gameplay.
The sprite routine will be super useful!
Another question i ask is this:
Is there a good way to do full-screen transitions or distortions with libraries? It would add a lot to add fullscreen wipes, slides, shake, etc.
If there is no good way to do this, that helps too, so i wont design it with that in mind
My opinion is that those things are good, but they (slides and wipes) can be hard to implement in a way that makes people not feel impatient. If you add them, I think they should be optional, e.g. a way in settings to turn them off. Here is a sample idea for a screen wipe you could do, that wouldn't take too much time or memory.


:// Here is where your overworld map stuff goes
:Goto 1 //put this or whatever label when you want to switch to the wipe
:Lbl 1 //here is where the wipe starts
:Horizontal A
://what you want after the wipe
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