I was just thinking the other day that it would be fun to see why everyone finds Cemetech awesome! Feel free to give as many reasons as you want, even if they don't make sense.
Anyway, I'll go first. I started visiting Cemetech 8 years ago, using SourceCoder3 to open up BASIC files so I could manually type them in because I didn't have a link cable. Technically, up until two years ago, I didn't have any idea what cemetech was, besides a helpful calculator website. Then about two years ago, I started coming more frequently until I actually got an account earlier this year. I think Cemetech is an awesome and encouraging website, and everyone is always willing to help.
Well that's all for me!
Heh, I used to do the same thing. I was stuck with an 83+ for the longest time and needed some way to copy them. I copied the entire Contra 83 that way.

Really I just like having a community to talk to. That's usually why I just send random things in the chat, something I try not to do as much.
I honestly just love having some community. I came over from TIBasicDeveloper back in 2015, and Cemetech has a lot more resources and is way more active.
I started looking at cemetech and tibasicdev a lot when I first started getting into messing with calculators and then like 2 years later I convinced my mom to let me make an account, and ever since then Cemetech has been the one constant positive thing in my life, and cemetechians have been there for me through all of the dumb stuff I've had to deal with, and you guys have really helped my confidence.
A few of you guys are even my best and longest known friends!!

I like this thread Smile
I initially joined to program calculators of course. I did that for a bit and it eventually morphed into whatever I'm doing now (very little actual programming).
I guess like everyone else, you come for the programs and stay for the community Razz
Although not as large as it used to be the community is still alive and well with Cemetech being one of it's most important pillars!
I've of course been around for...quite some time, but over the last 20 years, I've built friendships that have lasted far beyond my time actively writing calculator programs, several of which have turned into some of my best IRL friends, my business partner, professional colleagues, etc. I've always been proud that the Cemetech community seems to be one of the most friendly, well-mannered, constructive communities out there among the morass of trolls and consumption, and I look forward to that remaining true for many years to come (hopefully continuing to pivot to more platforms as calculators become decreasingly relevant).
Cemetech reminds me of a much younger JamesV getting his first TI-83 in the 90's and taking his first steps into programming. I'm nostalgic like that.

I like coming here to see what people are creating. And as Kerm mentioned, amongst the craziness of the internet, Cemetech is full of people that have great attitudes and opinions with constructive discussion!
Cemetech is what got me to look at my calculator in a whole new light, and has allowed me to discover a whole new community.

I had initially tried to get into programming in October 2019, but never really got much farther than a text string or a clock and gave up by December.

Cemetech, its resources (Source Coder3), and its community are what have gotten me back into messing with my calculator, and I am grateful for that.
I first started calculator programming on the CE in September 2019.
At first, I was like, "I wanna program on this thing, but how?" and was stuck not knowing what TI-Basic even was for like a month. But after discovering Cemetech, my friends and I started TI-Basic and were able to use Cemetech as a helpful resource to learn more and more. I created an account here on March to be able to ask questions and "Make cool things, teach cool stuff" (mainly making cool things Smile). Now, even through Coronavirus and being in Japan while my friends are in the US, I still talk to them and use this site as a helpful resource (so I don't write garbage code Laughing). Essentially, Cemetech has allowed me to create strong friendships and spark an interest in programming. I look forward to learning more and more!
That's awesome to hear KMisthebomb - I'm glad you managed to find and become a part of this community. I encourage your friends to join as well if they haven't already - the more the merrier Smile.
Putting this up that I saw in the discord, Wavejumper3 never got an activation email, so he can't say it himself.

Wavejumper3 wrote:
I love this community, i legit might never have gotten into my current interests if it wasn’t for one link i randomly clicked on to take me to cemetech. It usually isnt a good idea to click random links you find in reddit, but that was reddit gold. I am a full blown programmer now (not a job or anything, i mean its my passion). Thanks to legit everyone who has ever touched ti basic, as you all have touched my soul.
Thanks Tiny_hacker!
This site is legit the reason I know how to code.
Like, i found it as he said, but my parents wont let me program computers until recently, so i learned on ti basic. It is still my favorite language I know (including actual languages like Spanish or english).
I am trying to learn assembly (VERY slow process), but i feel that this site is more of a cool community then any other sites on the internet. I thank everyone here for being so awesome, and for being supportive of a (technical) newcomer like me.

Y'all rock. End of story.
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