I'm pretty new at Ti-Basic, but I'm trying to learn more about it. This project calculates your weighted GPA (AP -> 5, HRS -> 4.5, GHP/CP -> 4). I just finished the GPA calculation. Future features may include it graphing your GPA over time, calculating weighted and unweighted GPAs, and allowing you to save previous GPAs.

Feedback is appreciated!

Things to do:
1. Class name input
2. Previous GPAs
3. GPA grading scale viewer
4. GPA goal
5. How much increase in grades for the desired GPA
6. GPA grapher
7. Unweighted GPA calculator
8. Fewer bytes

Finished Things:
1. Weighted GPA calculator
Fixed a bug with inputting in a number higher than 100.
Interesting - any more progress?
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