please save me from myself
EDIT: This is only the beginning. That is, there's more things to do. More ways to make your calculator cursed.

EDIT2: Haha I just needed to BOLD it up. I truly am a terrible person.

Comic Sans TI
Oh my. This. This is amazing. Please provide a github or build or whatever. I need to try this for myself.
This isn't anywhere near ready for release but if you can figure it out, go for it https://github.com/Iambian/Fonthook-CE
0/10 Comic sans

But if we can get our own fonts, this'd be lit.
Getting one's fonts installed is probably the goal, yeah Wink

I can't say I'd use this program / library on my own calculators, but it's nevertheless at the very least amusing, and the font hooking could prove useful to some programs (like the built-in font redefinition capability of AMS 2.xx & 3.xx on the TI-68k series, although one of the changes performed by my tiosmod+amspatch is to kill that capability to speed the OS back up by a measurable amount !), so keep up the good work on it, Iambian Smile
Not quite an update but after a suggestion in the chat, I couldn't help but do this. All it needs now is a localization hook to make it actually correct.

Turns out the font hook on the CE lacks small font support (hook refuses to fire for those events) so I guess I had to turn to the localization hook anyway. Much of the works on the changeover and setup happened during a particularly political dumpster fire, which I will not name but will have fond memories of. Mostly because the activity was off the walls and I was able to get the help I needed during that trying time. Also. Memes.


The small font format is much more sensible than the large font format, even if it's slightly more annoying to store and reference in a compact form (which I don't do because haha flash go brrr)

Small font goodness

TODO: Finish up the localization hook so that certain functionality stops being broken due to the lack of defaults.
EDIT: Changed the repo name because it isn't exactly a fonthook anymore. https://github.com/Iambian/Font-via-LocalizationHook-CE
Feels like I've been posting a bit too often in the same thread. Hope you'll forgive me.

Jacobly helped me out with some of the lingering issues with the localization hook that prevented certain other OS features from displaying properly or would even cause a crash. Those issues would've shown up if you tried using the CALC menu (2nd + TABLE) or if you tried viewing some of the variables near the bottom of the link menu.

I'm still kinda chasing a bug where the linnk menu would sometimes lock up if you try to quit the Send/All menus via 2nd+Mode, but it couldn't be reproduced elsewhere. Ah well.

It might be release-ready. I'm thinking about making this into an actual app and adding options for the user to select one of various font packs. What do you think?

Also. Screenshots. A before-and-after pic made using slightly more than the zero effort shots I've posted before. With some of the font adjusted to overcome the imperfect conversion.

Great work Iambian! I never thought about how nice the calculator would look with a fresh font! An option to select different font packs would be pretty amazing however, is there really a reason for it to become an app rather than a regular program? Sure it's an amazing project but it'd suck to have to re-send the app every time someone enters exam mode. I feel like it's best to leave it as a program if that's an option.
Double post, but fight me.

Well, my first attempt didn't go quite as well as I hoped. I thought there was an issue with your python script not converting the font for the small text because I just couldn't get it to spit out Output2.txt so I just copied Output.txt and renamed it. That seemed to break stuff. Laughing

Turns out no, I was just stupid and accidentally commented out the bit of code that created the small font! I got it converted properly now and it looks fantastic! I used Helvetica 55 CE Roman.

The CE looks like a completely different calc with a different font. Your readme instructions were pretty clear and I was able to get everything installed and converted in 20 minutes on my first attempt. I expect it to only take a few minutes now that I know what I'm doing though.

I did catch a bug in your batch.bat file, it gets stuck in an infinite loop. When you press any key, it just repeats instead of quitting. Anyways, fantastic work! I'm really enjoying this!
lol we need a comic ans Very Happy
What if we used this font hook to display the Ti83PC font?
TLM is right, the calc actually feels a lot different with a custom font!
Is it also possible to create your own font with all the special characters the calculator does use?

The tools for creating own fonts that I know of, don't allow that as far as I know. ..
Privacy_Dragon wrote:
Is it also possible to create your own font with all the special characters the calculator does use?

The tools for creating own fonts that I know of, don't allow that as far as I know. ..

Are you going to keep working on this until you can select the font from a different program?
Made additional changes with the project, almost all of which were started on another branch. The following has been accomplished:

* Changed character encoding method to allow almost the entire range of possible characters. So far most of just the ASCII set is covered. Help us out and write your own encoding file to improve character map coverage!
* Changed loader method to allow renamable font files.
* Fixed some issues with the hook that prevented the catalog help and matrix editor from working properly.
* Added another buildable filetype to omit the loader to slightly improve storage and limit the clutter of the programs menu. Not usable as of yet.
* Added a place to put examples so you can try out some fonts out of the box.

What remains to do is to write a font previewing program so the user can do preview and load appvar-stored fonts. I also intend to allow the program to view fonts packed together in group files and load the font directly from there (a really hacky way for *real* font packs).

I also need to take (another) more comprehensive look at the localization hook to make sure that other lesser known aspects of the OS are handled properly. Thanks, TLM, for the bug report wrt catalog help, and Jacobly for your work on running through the OS for all calls to the localization hook (there were so many!). The latter of which resulted in finding out that the matrix editor was bugged, and possibly even the error message you get when you try to archive a variable with insufficient space.

Thanks again, everyone, for your continued support! And remember to file bug reports; they help quite a bit.

EDIT: Might as well add a screenshot of something that got posted a few nights ago in Discord when I went on a wild font testing spree. I went through a number of constructed scripts and fantasy fonts and had an absolutely criminal amount of fun while doing so. Here's one of the better looking results of that night:
Fantastic job! I just tried new branch and I found an issue with it and the other branch you made. When you change the language from English to, say Spanish, and leave the mode menu, the font gets set back to the default. If you try to run the hook again, it sets the language back to English. Perhaps the program is a bit of a nationalist?
Just Joking
(NOTE: I *really* need to change the name of this thread; it stopped being a "font hook" a long while ago. It's a "localization hook" that only deals with the fonts.)

Support for other language is the intended purpose of the localization hook so when you change a language, that's the mechanism by which the language is changed. Most of the time. Most of the rest is done through the token hook.

When you change the language, you override my hook, which disables the font. Running my program again overwrites the language-changing hook. I might be able to do something about the latter but I don't know how I'd be able to detect if what was in the localization hook was a language (so I might chain to it), or something else? Or (crazy thought), the language does its own font shenanigans that my hook can't account for? The reason why it's necessary to know if there's anything to chain to is because absolutely need to know if there's anything else that can properly handle things. Because the OS becomes unstable if there isn't anything on the other side and you leave things unhandled. Also. There's so much special snowflakeness in that hook, it makes a special snowman
I've made some progress with the font previewing tool. It can search the filesystem for the first "valid" font file and allow you to preview its large and small font (toggle via Y=).

Screenshots of the two viewing modes as mentioned above

The controls I intend to allow would be:

* [2nd] - Install/uninstall a hook to the selected font
* [Left/Right] - Switch between viewing protected programs, appvars, and (hopefully to be supported) groups and its contents
* [Up/Down] Traverse the contents of the filesystem for valid fonts, previewing them as they are selected
* [Y=] Switch back and forth between viewing large font (fixed-width) and small font (variable-width)


* Test and verify filesystem traversal
* Add grouped variables support
* Add arrow indicators near appropriate UI elements to help hint as to which arrow keys are for which control
* Maybe add some sort of font editor?

What are your thoughts on the plans and/or preexisting interface so far?
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