You may have heard of KnightOS, one of the most popular alternative OSes for several TI models including 73, 83+, 83+ SE, 84+, 84+ SE, and 84+ CSE. The project's development has slowed down in recent years but is still ongoing (join us on #knightos on Freenode!). I've decided it would be a good idea to package various bits of the toolchain on Nix is a purely functional package manager makes package management reproducible and reliable, so when something is built with Nix it is very likely to continue working in the future.

I've now reached the point where I can build KnightOS end to end using Nix. It's never been easier to build and run KnightOS.

Check out the project at

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd knightos-nix
$ nix-shell

[nix-shell]$ runit
Found existing project: KnightOS
Installing SDK...
-- snip --
z80e-sdl --debug -d TI84p .knightos/debug.rom
z80e [F:00:0x0000 JP 0x006B] > run
Very cool that KnightOS is still going strong Smile.
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