adds another tally mark to the "unfinished projects" wall
I spent a few hours yesterday putting together a prototype for a World of Goo demo:

It's obviously very unfinished at this point. I'm not sure whether I want to try to make it use the levels from the actual game, or create my own.

There's no GitHub link or download quite yet - I'm going to see if I can work out some of the bugs, and add the actual win condition, before
You could say the goo is so radioactive you can see it shake.
Very nice so far! I used to play this game a lot, and it is looking very nice. I look forward to seeing how this project unfolds, e.g. with different levels, and different goos.
Oh my goddd, one of my favorite games ever on a graphing calculator? I'm very excited to see where it goes! ^^
I like the general idea of this. It very interesting to see physics applied to a graphing calculator Very Happy
In that GIF, the 8th ball would have been a line, not another ball.
Also for future reference, the green gooballs don't have this mechanic, instead it just tries to find another route for the structure to go, since otherwise you'd lose a ball.

A question I had while playing the game was if the vacuum at the end of a level actually sucks, or just acts as a target for the balls. Yes, it actually can support the structure and pull it upwards slitghtly, another thing to keep in mind.
The prototype looks very neat.
How's the speed when more dots are added?
This looks neat! I grew up with this game and can't wait to see how this project develops.
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