What was the best completed project for June 2020?
Agar.io for the TI-84 Plus CE
 25%  [ 4 ]
Minesweeper for the TI 83/84
 18%  [ 3 ]
 56%  [ 9 ]
TI, a Basic Rogue
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 16

The month of June was a productive one for the Cemetech community, with many new and interesting projects. All members contributed their time to making these projects a reality, so check them out and feel free to post your thoughts!

  • 1-bit sound engine for the 83+/84+ series: Cemetech member fghsgh has brought an extremely improved sound engine to the monochrome z80 series, with 4 square wave channels and even support for arbitrary code execution within the player. Weighing in at a light 512 bytes, the player itself hasn't been released yet because fghsgh is offering a reverse-engineering challenge to anyone who can determine the data format and figure out how it works. Take a look, and make some tunes!

  • Agar.io for the TI-84 Plus CE: Many of our members have spent countless hours on the popular online game agar.io. EverydayCode has recently ported this game to be compatible with the TI84+CE calculator series, and supports an infinite map! A video showcasing the various features can also be found there.

  • An XTREME Golf Game: slimeenergy has picked up this project again after a brief 361-day break. After implementing a fully-functional level editor and fixing some debouncing issues, the game is becoming more and more polished. Visit the topic and post your support to avoid another hiatus!

  • bz80: A ez80 emulator in TI-BASIC: Following the disheartening news that TI removed assembly support commandblockguy started an insane project that emulates an ez80 processor entirely in TI-BASIC. Besides being petty, the technical details behind this en devour are rather interesting. Contributing to this project is more than welcome, and if you want to hear more about it; give a post in the topic!

  • CalcTale - An UNDERTALE battle engine: grossrob0 has started working on an UNDERTALE port for the TI-84+CE calculators. As a battle engine, it does not try to be a true clone, but will hopefully provide a neat experience. Although much information on the project has not been made known, keep an eye out in the future for more updates!

  • CE Rigid Body Physics Prototype: Zaalane has made updates to their rigid-body collision engine, supporting both a pre and post collision passes. As a prototype this project is still under heavy development, and you should stay tuned for more awesome work. (Perhaps we'll see an angry bird clone soon?)

  • Currently Unnamed Contest: Have you ever wanted to solve problems for free karma? commandblockguy has started a contest that requires a fair amount of reverse-engineering in order to advance to different "stages". Hosted on commandblockguy's website, many Cemetech members have already made progress. Can you get to the end first?

  • Fruit Ninja CE: Michael2_3B has continued to make updates to his port of Fruit Ninja for the TI-84+CE. Improved Zen mode, better timing consistency, and physics improvments have made this game even closer to a release! We're told that a few small tweaks and smoothing are all that are left, so if you've been waiting to try this game, the wait is hopefully almost over! Give Michael2_3B some kudos for his work.

  • Graph'n 3D: KosmicCyclone has implemented a 3D grapher in TI-BASIC. Not only is this impressive, but it also features color highlighting. They are planning to add many new features such as view rotation, error handling, and more. A GitHub project is available if you are inclined to contribute, and the topic itself has turned into a code-golf challenge for optimizing the drawing time and figuring out how to implement the new features. If you have ideas or suggestions, click the link!

  • Fractal Terrain Generation: Similar to their 3D grapher, KosmicCyclone has also implemented a terrain generator in TI-BASIC. It supports different resolutions, terrain smoothing, and height setting. While currently in the development and prototype stage, it has many features that might be seen in games or programs in the future. Take a look through the screenshots, and learn from the posted code snippets on how it is done!

  • HUE CE: epsilon5 has created another reflex and skill-based game, with high frames per second and multiple unlockable achievements. It plays as a combination of Simon and epsilon5's other popular game HailStorm, and provides an escape from the monotony of school, or really anywhere. Post your high score, and give some thanks to the developer!

  • KhiCAS, a full-featured CAS: parisse has released KhiCAS for the Casio Fx-9750GIII, a technical challenge considering the memory constraints on the calculator. KhiCAS offers many advanced features, such as Taylor expansions, anti derivatives, and eigenvector calculations. A python-like syntax offers makes using it even easier. If you own a Casio system, it is definitely a program worth having. More information and installation procedures can be found in the topic.

  • TI-Trek: ACagliano has been steadily working on the TI-Trek project, and has implemented USB support for linking calculators across a networked connection!
    TI-Trek is a major project with many ships, features, and will be a fully complete multiplayer Star Trek game. beckadamtheinventor and commandblockguy have been helping out with the development as well, so go give them all some help and suggestions!

  • Minesweeper for the Ti 83/84: crapman5389 has created a Minesweeper port for the TI-83/84 calculator, and self-taught themselves the Axe Parser in order to create it. Most people are not interested in calculator programming, but the challenges it presents are unequaled, and it provides many avenues for learning. The game is polished and released, so give it a download and try for yourself!

  • Noti-ez80 (open source boot rom): beckadamtheinventor has sacrificed a calculator to the creation of an open-source boot code for the TI84+CE line. A commendable goal is to bring back the ability to distribute games and software without requiring a physical calculator. This would allow many people who don't own a CE to have access to the hundreds of community-developed programs. This project has many challenges, so if you can offer any assistance, it would make development quicker and a release faster.

  • Oiram Modding Test: A recent Cemetech addition grossrob0 has been working on adding many neat features to the Oiram program for the TI84+CE, including new powerups and switch blocks. This sounds like a major undertaking, so give them some support!

  • OSExt, a TI Nspire CX OS project: nspiredev500 has been steadily working on an OS for the TI Nspire, which already supports many of the low-level drivers and memory allocation routines necessary to support a full kernel stack. His goal is to eventually make it complete enough to be able to load and run programs via an attached Mass Storage Device (MSD), such as a flash drive. Additional support for cross-compiling programs via Linux is also planned. The creativity continues in the thread.

  • Terrain CE: An Isometric Terrain Generator in TI-Basic: Michael2_3B has been inspiring Minecraft lovers (Check out our Minecraft Server!) with a TI-BASIC isometric terrain generator. Reminiscent of the classic Sim-City games, this program is able to generate different types of worlds with grass, water, and more. The code itself has some sweet tricks, so if you are looking to brush up on your 1337 skills, give it a look.

  • TI, a Basic Rogue: KosmicCyclone has released an open-source TI-BASIC game called TI. It is sort of rogue-like, with a text-based interface. Currently, health, shields, and a few weapons are available. If you would like to see more added to this project to make it even better, take a peak.

  • Tile World: KosmicCyclone has been especially busy this month, and also released Tile World, which is based off of his Fractal Terrain Generation. Although not a ton of code is included, it shows off the power one has with TI-BASIC and a knowledgeable programmer. It is hosted on GitHub, and can be

  • Zipper 3.0: beckadamtheinventor has been rewriting his Zipper program, and hopes to port it to C/ASM. The current challenge that was overcome this month was creating a ZX7 compressor, made difficult because the current compressor allocates huge data structures and was unsuitable for a direct port. When complete, this project will be able to group any variables into a single appvar, freeing up resources for the user.

  • Game of Life: merthsoft has updated his TI84+CE port of Conway's Game of Life, as a show of appreciation to John Conway, who passed this last April. Additionally, a new "stamp" method of drawing the initial state has been added, making it easier to build and watch the pixels devour each other for hours. If your interested in that sort of thing, it's quite an enjoyable program.

  • 8-Ball CE: Alvajoy123 has been porting the classic 8-ball game to the TI84+CE. Currently, they have been working on multiball collisions and fixing various bugs with the program. The screenshots and concept drawings show a lot of promise for the game, so give a post and hopefully we'll see it soon!
Wow so many projects! Nice report Mateo and keep up the awesome work everyone!
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