Iím about to be getting a new graphing calculator but the only Ti-84 I can seem to get is the CE-T and python version. Can I still run games like doom on these versions as you would with the standard 84 plus?
Games made for the 84+ don't run on the CE. However, the CE has a lot of its own games that are just as fun. I don't think there's a working doom clone yet, but you can see a list of games in the downloads section.
You will need to use arTIfiCE to install them, if you're buying the Python version - I have a video on how to do this.
There are separate versions of games that run for different calculators. What you need is a jailbreak called Artifice in order to play games on an 84+ CE-T if the OS is above 5.4.
You cannot run the exact same games that run on the TI-84 Plus with the black-and-white screen, but there's a pretty extensive collection of games and programs written specifically for the TI-84 Plus CE. However, note that you must keep your OS below version 5.5/5.6, which removes the ability to run most assembly programs and games.
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