Not sure what's going wrong, I try to run a game on my TI 84 Plus CE and it sends me a message saying ERROR: INVALID
1: Quit
2: Goto
Attempted to use a variable or function where it is not valid.

I'm trying to play Portal, Oregon Trail, Chess, and This Is The Only Level from this site:

My OS is up to date, so I know it can't be that. Help pls?
jedmin wrote:
My OS is up to date, so I know it can't be that.

That is exactly the problem. It's up to date. Check this thread out for possible ways to fix it.
Your OS doesn't support ASM and C anymore. You will need to use a jailbreak called arTIfiCE, which you can find in the thread Iambian sent. It is recommended to use arTIfiCE to install Cesium, afterward, so that you will be able to run them without the jailbreak later on. Also, be wary of new OSes!
They already found an exploit in OS 5.6.0? That was quick.

But yea, once you get your hands on it, try to install OS 5.3.0. I think you can find it on TI Planet.
arTIfiCE doesn't let you downgrade, it just lets you run assembly/C/ICE programs from inside the CabriJR app.

Ne3s2-3p4 wrote:

Based on recent development I just released a boot hack for the 83PCE working on all pre revision M hardware.
It removes OS verification at boot and minimal install version

Code is at


The link is dead, but if this ever gets made public again then there might be a chance to downgrade. Here's the easy links to OS 5.3 for posterity in case you get a really old calc somehow:

The direct download link on TI-Planet, since foreign sites are scary to newcomers

The TI-Planet archives link in case the above doesn't work
One source, and another.
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