MateoConLechuga wrote:

Just checked Steam - I have over 200 hrs. in Portal 2. Hmm...
So this still probably looks a little bit ghetto but I actually made myself a real desk the other day!

The desk could maybe use some paint or other finishings but it works really good, much better than my first post Razz
Gee, if you guys think you've seen messy, you haven't seen my desk. Laughing I am a student, so I am not working from home, and I mainly use it for projects and stuff. I'll send a pic tomorrow after i clean it up.
Luxen, you didnít have to flex so hard
Here is mine. A school Chromebook, a drone, ti-84, some magic and Yugioh cards, and a fish tank.

Also, nice Portal background
I have two desks, one for my computer, and another one for other things.
Computer desk:

Other desk:
Here's my new dorm room desk setup
Just got done setting this up. Cleaning my room felt good. My battlestation is centered around my trusty 2012 15" Macbook.
commandblockguy wrote:

That is incredible. Also, +1 karma for having TheButton open
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