Will you switch to wireless connectivity?
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At the beginning of this summer, my uncle started on a project that's going to blow everyone's heads away. He's been working with TI's calculators for 45 years and is very good with z80/ez80 programming (I'll take lessons from him once the pandemic is over). He toldme recently he's making an adapter where you can connect it to a 84CE via Mini-USB. It has an infared transceiver on it to allow wireless sending and receiving. Some of the device is programmed in ez80, but most of it is programmed some other language. It is intended to be connected to some Raspberry Pi 4's as a server. Once the project is complete, he will be making a business with this product. All of this will be free (The flash app and the service will, you will still have to buy the device). I'm really excited for this, once it is done, I can throw away my linking cable.

Let me know what you guys think. I doubt he will ever post here though. Sad
I try to avoid third-party websites

Intended price tag: $14.99
Capability: TI-84 Plus CE
I would certainly switch to Wireless! Kerm Martian did something like this back in 2013 for the monochrome calculators, but it was more bulky, due to the calculators connecting via PC.
I'm wary about voting 'yes' yet since I don't know how good the final product will be nor how large the dongle is. I'm also not sure how well it'll go turning it into a business. However, I figured what the heck, I'll probably try it out anyways so long as my raspberry pi 3B is compatible. Do you have any images of the device yet?
Definitely yes! That might make a BROWSER possible for a calculator! Think about that, browsing the internet on a calculator that'd be really cool.
I mean, a browser is a completely separate thing. We already have wired internet on the CE, so the main hold-up there is the browser itself, not the network connectivity layer.

Infrared is also quite a weird choice for this - it would probably be cheaper and more convenient to just use WiFi with an ESP32 or similar chip.
Woah really? How have I never heard of this? Wow I guess finally getting a cemetech account would just tell me everything i need to know instantly. Huh. Could you send information about the wired internet connection stuff?

I do agree though, infared is odd. For a while now I've been trying to get a CE to connect with a raspi4 in order to share info wirelessly. Don't need to do that now i guess.
This reminds me of the old IR link found here: http://sami.ticalc.org/irlink/index.htm
KnightsWhoSayNi wrote:
Woah really? How have I never heard of this? Wow I guess finally getting a cemetech account would just tell me everything i need to know instantly. Huh. Could you send information about the wired internet connection stuff?

His project was called gCn, or Global CalcNet. The Cemetech forum section can be found here, and download links can be found on Cemetech as well as on Ticalc.org. I personally have not tried it, as I use an iMac, but for those with windows computers it seems to have worked well.

Here is a video of KermM showing Gossamer, his browser for TI-84 Plus/SE and TI-83 Plus/SE which uses gCn:
So far, here is a quick update about the things in this project that are complete:

- Wireless connection between two calculators (More efficient than using cables, faster)
- Basic shape for the adapter (looks like the nSpire, but more rectangular and black)
- Connection to server
- Beta ChatCE app (for the CE)
- Basic emailing (Sometimes Google has security issues with it)

Other important information:

- ChatCE app and wireless connection works only with OS, crashes on earlier versions for some reason
- Only available for the TI-84 Plus CE
- Not the fastest app made (still in its beta, but stable)
- INFRARED has been switched out with a Wifi module

More information will be released when it is. Apologies for the late post. If you have questions or comments, post them below. Please do not ask for the flash application for test-runs. Only two adapters have been made for me and my uncle, and more will be made once everything is complete, and the release day arrives.
can i have the adapter and the app so i can try it
Alright, time to make a browser for the 84+CE.
Glad you switched out the infared with a wifi module.

Also, Nomkid is kinda right. We could try to start to mash together Gossamer and this project to make some sort of wireless browser. I'm not really good with networking, but I do know the basics. Could you share details on how you got the connection to the server to work. I think that would help with the creation of a browser, but again I don't really know networking stuff so I'm not an accurate source of info here.

Anyway, I'm glad this project is close to a release, and I'm looking forward too it.
KnightsWhoSayNi wrote:
We could try to start to mash together Gossamer and this project to make some sort of wireless browser.

I don't like Gossamer. It's old, and I'd like to have JavaScript and CSS working. Also, I don't really like gCn either. I don't want to use an Arduino just for networking. I only have 3, and part of my philosophy is working with the hardware you already have. (I should really make a design philosophy thread on here...)

I'm actually going to start fresh. Make a new protocol (for communicating with the computer, cutting out the Arduino), HTML renderer, CSS, and JavaScript interpreter. Please don't tell me it'll be too slow. Unless it takes more than 2 minutes to display a page (something that I'm sure I can deal with with optimization), I'm honestly tired of hearing my projects aren't going to work or are too ambitious.
Hello calculator nerds. Earlier this year, the Wireless TI-84 Plus CE project has been a very interesting topic in my programming courier. But today, I have some very disappointing news to share.

To my awesome nephew,

As you know, the wireless TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator project is going as planned. The release date is expected to be around February 2021, so it will be a while before it is finished. I am sorry for not telling you sooner, but I currently have Coronavirus and will not be able to work on the project for a month. With that said, I have been meaning to tell you something. I am aware you are very enthusiastic about this project to be completed. But, for the past two months, I have been thinking of permanently discontinuing this project entirely. It's not that I am not able to, it's because of my health issues and lack of interest. I know you and others may be very disappointed with my decision, but I decided that there are better things to do in my life. I want you to know I love you with everything I got, and I want to do everything I can to make you happy. I want you to let me know what you are thinking when you read this. You're a very awesome nephew, and I admire your programming skills.

With this decision in place, I have also decided to keep the Raspberry Pi server up for a little while, so you can play around with it. But after a while, I will disconnect the server. You have also mentioned my private signing key earlier, and I decided to get rid of it once the project is taken off the shelves. You can keep the other Wifi adapter for your calculator if you want. If not, you can mail it back to me or throw it away. I don't need the one I have anymore, so if you want it, just ask. Again, I am sorry about this; hopefully, you don't get too upset with me. You have an amazing day and many more. If you have any questions or comments about this, feel free to let me know. Also, be sure to inform your calculator friends on Cemetech about the news. I don't mind if you copy and paste this whole email to share it with others. 😊 ❤️ 👍🏻
Oh my God. I'm so sorry. I'm not sure what to say, but I hope he will be okay.

I guess cemetech will have to continue the project. Could you ask him to send over research notes or other documents about the project. It is perfectly understandable if you cannot.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I hope that your uncle, you, and your family will all be okay. Thanks,
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