Quick Update

Added saving and loading code "Just in case you press clear" also still working file manager. And sprite loader.

What scratch commands would you like me to implement to scratch?
Looking good! Just a quick question, what commands have you already added?
TIny_Hacker wrote:
Looking good! Just a quick question, what commands have you already added?

That's a good Question. Smile
Theses are the commands in each section.

Reset Size
Change size by 10
Change Size by -10

Wait 0.5 Sec
Wait 1 Sec
Wait 3 Sec

Go to random position
Go to center of screen
Look Left
Look Right

Move Up
Move Down
Move Right
Move Left

coming soon...

Say Hello
Say Bye-Bye
... Later on this will be custom
Quick update:
Alpha release is this week Sunday, If there are no major bug.

You can head to my Trello board to see that I have done and what I have to-do.

I'll be adding screenshots later today.
There has also been a quick GUI update.

The alpha releases is going port of the scratch project.

The beta release will be the "port" it will have custom commands and GUI changes.
Quick Update:

Here are the screenshots. Smile
Added a lot of things.

Edit: sorry for short post ill edit this tomorrow. And grammar fix 🤦🏿
Am very limited to am internet connect nowadays. I'll try to update once in a while. Look at the post below for update info. I have imported all sprite from scratch project to Program.
Screen Shots:

If you want to see what I have plan go to my Trello board.


What is Scratch?
Scratch is a block programming language. Instead of typing the user choose pre-written block.

What Scratch | CE?
Scratch CE is a replication of a Scratch Project Made By Colorgram.

What is Alpha 1.0 "Port"?
All Alpha version will the port of the original project. With occasional bug fix updates. "This Version Is quite unless its just cool to have it on calculator for now till beta version is released"

I found an Issue!! What do I do?
Please report all issues to me @ Cemetech.net search "[TI84PCE] Scratch CE Development [C]". Make an account and post issues there.

When will the project become useful?
The project will become useful on first release of the beta version. With new functions every week or two weeks.

How to use Scratch CE:

What is the canvas?
The canvas is where costumes move and run your commands

How do I know what button to click on?
Hover over there and the mouse pointer will change into a select pointer.

How do I Stop Blocks From Running?
When the Script is running click [ Mode ] to stop it you should see a red X appear in the corner of the canvas.

How do I change the background?
In the upper left of the canvas you should see arrows with an image in between click the arrow to change the background.

Key binds:
  • [ UP ] [ DOWN ] [ LEFT ] [ RIGHT ] = Mouse Movement.
  • [ 2nd ] = To Click.
  • [ Alpha ] + [ + ] = Increase Mouse Speed.
  • [ Alpha ] + [ - ] = Decrease Mouse Speed.

  • [ DEL ] = Delete Recent Line of code in sprite.
  • [ MODE ] = Run Code.
  • [ + ] = Edit Code in next sprite.
  • [ - ] = Edit Code Previous sprite.

  • CLICK X OVER A COSTUMES: Deletes Sprite and sprites code.
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