Today, I started playing one of my favorite TI 84+ CE games, CalcuZap, and I was thinking at some point I want to speedrun the game and maybe make it public on YouTube/Cemetech. Like, make it through all 48 levels in the least amount of time.

I just want to ask, has anyone tried speedrunning CalcuZap? If so, are there links to records I can look at? If not, I hope I can spark a competition on who can beat the game the quickest.

CalcuZap was intended as a play-to-a-high-score game, but I think some strategies can be applied to beat all 48 levels in a fraction of an hour, and thus, if this game would be speedran, then the score would be irrelevant.

Let me know what you all think if me uploading CalcuZap speedruns would be interesting.
I would love to see how fast people can beat all the levels! I would join in a competition if I could, but I don't have a CE, so I guess I'll have to stick to Phoenix Very Happy! It would be very entertaining to have an event in which players would compete to see who could finish first.
To be honest, I have only beaten all 48 levels with save states, like, last year. I will try to win without using them.
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