As with every year at Cemetech, a lot of amazing projects were completed in 2019, and since the poll has ended, it's time to see what the best projects of last year were.

6th Place goes to these 4 projects:
  • Nuclear Reactor Simulator [84+CE BASIC], by SM84CE. This program lets you simulate running a nuclear reactor in your basement, while trying to not let it overheat.
  • NSPICE - A Circuit Builder and Simulator, written by M4dasOne, a circuit simulator for the Nspire series. Check out the thread for a screenshot showing off its impressive features!
  • 68k Latin to English Translator, by Sam. If you ever need to translate Latin to English and have a 68k calc, this program is certainly capable of doing it. The topic also has some detailed information as to how this program works, so check it out!
  • Google Apps Script (Google Sheets) Chat Program, by CamelCode. You've probably heard of people using a shared Google Doc to chat during class, but this script makes it much easier to do so. Check out the thread to try it for yourself!

In 5th place, we have 5 different projects:
  • Boxman Arcade Cabinet!, a full-size arcade cabinet built by Botboy3000. This arcade machine was even recently put in an actual arcade; go check out the design process in the thread!
  • Loopover CE [C], by matkeller19. This puzzle game is like a 2D Rubik’s cube, where you rotate rows and columns to complete the puzzle. Download it for yourself from the thread!
  • Bejeweled CE, by calclover2514. This game is a clone of the game Bejeweled, and it has many features and gamemodes. Try it out or check out the screenshots in the topic!
  • Blast File Integrity Software, by ACagliano. This program is useful for checking if files on your calculator have been modified or have the potential of crashing your calculator. Check out the thread to try it for yourself!
  • Dino Run CE (Chrome dino game clone), by commandblockguy. This game is a very accurate port of the original “no internet" screen on Chrome. Visit the thread to see some screenshots and download it for yourself!

Two projects came in 4th place:
  • TI Number Theory Repository, by kg583. This is a group of subprograms that could potentially be useful for TI-Basic programmers for theoretic computation and analysis of numbers. Check out the thread for more details!
  • Colossal Cave Adventure CE, by DrDnar. This game is an in-depth text adventure game that plays exactly like the original version from 1977. Check out the thread to try it out!

3rd place goes to HD Picture Viewer [C] [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE], by TheLastMillennial. Using the included converter, this program will let you view pictures up to 320x240 pixels on your CE! Check out the thread to try it for yourself and see TheLastMillennial’s future plans for the project.

In 2nd place is PineappleCAS - A generic CAS targeted for the TI-84+ CE, by squishy. While the CE may not have as much processing power as higher end CAS calculators, this program is still very impressive and will certainly help you out in your math class. Download it for yourself and see all of its features in the thread!

Finally, in 1st place, the 2019 project of the year is FontLibC---C library for fancy fonts on the TI-84 Plus CE, by DrDnar. This impressive library lets CE C programmers use whatever fonts they want instead of the default GraphX font. Multiple projects utilizing this library have already been released, and more people will certainly continue to take advantage of custom fonts in the future (especially since FontLibC is now a part of the standard CE C libraries) so go make sure you have it installed on your CE!

Thanks again to everyone for sharing your projects on Cemetech- I'm looking forward to seeing even more great projects this year and in the years to come!
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