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HUE is a game for the TI-84 Plus CE/TI-83 Premium CE calculators in which you control a turret to shoot bullets of different colors at targets of corresponding colors. I have been solidly working on it for about a week now, and it went through a number of failed iterations before then. While doing so, you can use powerups that have different effects on the game, such as freezing it, adding to your score, giving you more life, or wiping out all targets on the screen. For every target you hit in a row, your combo increases, and you will earn more points. You lose your combo, and a life, if you hit a target with the wrong color or let it fall to the bottom of the screen. There are 11 themes that you can unlock through the playing of the game, and as has become normal for my programs, you will be able to track your statistics in detail, change the game's settings, and read about the game in its ingame about sections.

Latest Screenshot

Old Screenshots

NOTE: The game runs considerably smoother than this, CEmu had some issues with recording.

Progress/upcoming features
Add themes 100%
Finish the themes, statistics, and about pages 90%
Message system to indicate ingame events 100%
Add end screen 100%
General bug fixes and optimizations 90%
Theme unlock system 100%
Add a logo on the main screen 100%
Improve the UI 100%
Powerups 100%

Planned release date and demo
I'd like to have this game out for everyone to play within two weeks. Before then, I am likely to release a demo release within the next few days, so that everyone can play the game and tell me how it feels, and provide feedback and feature requests.

Thanks for reading. I find it difficult to believe that this game will be on the level of HailStorm CE, but I hope that it will be fun regardless. Thank you for your support and feedback as I continue this project.
In order to get some feedback on the project, as well as suggestions, I'm posting my current build of the project here. This is the same build as yesterday, but still is a good representation of what I envision the final product being like. Here is the link to download the program. I look forward to seeing what you all think about HUE CE. Please post feedback and suggestions in this forum.
Nice game!

I can't get any of the other themes to work though. The buttons on your options menu at the end of the game also all bring you to the main menu, instead of doing what they say. It took me a hot minute to figure out that I had to press different buttons below the screen for different color shooting, but maybe that's just me lol. Would be good to add a bit of instructions on the about menu.

You're probably working on getting all of that done already, so I look forward to seeing this polished and completed.

Edit: I would also make sure to change the colors on the end/pause menu so that the selected item isn't black on grey. It's difficult to read.
The themes are just placeholders for the time being, they can't be selected. The title and unlock requirements are all in the program, so I just need to add a few lines of code to display those, and a few more to make them unlock when conditions are met. The menu at the end is also useless, it was just being used to test out my GUI system. In the next preview, I hope to have the themes work as well as some sort of functional endscreen probably also copy and pasted from HailStorm. Thanks for the feedback, I'll be sure to implement those suggestions as soon as possible.
Looks like an interesting game, something to pass the time and cause a person to maybe work on their reflexes.

Will try to remember to grab a copy and give a better review of it when I can. Smile
Nice game , reminds Atlantis or the mentioned Missile Command for the Atari 2600
Firstly, I would like to apologize for the lack of communication on my part when it comes to the development on this project. The game is almost done, and should be ready for release within a few days. When it is ready for release, I'll post a full changelog from the last version. Before then, be on the lookout for some new screenshots. Thanks, and I look forward to releasing this game as soon as possible.
It doesn't work on my calculator. The menu appears correct, but when I press the play button, the screen gets all weird. Its most similar to if you forget to take the screen out of 16b mode after you finish drawing. Maybe its just my calculator? I have OS 5.0.1 and its a revision L from 2015.
As promised, here is a (somewhat late) screenshot. I hope to have this program released on either Monday or Tuesday, since I won't be able to use the computer tomorrow.

Michael0x18: Could you upload a picture of the error? The program works fine on my revision L running OS
Psst, your embedded image is broken for me Wink
Great progress epsilon5! You're producing probably my next favorite game to spend hours on!

Michael0x18 wrote:
It doesn't work on my calculator. The menu appears correct, but when I press the play button, the screen gets all weird. Its most similar to if you forget to take the screen out of 16b mode after you finish drawing. Maybe its just my calculator? I have OS 5.0.1 and its a revision L from 2015.

I can confirm that on OS 5.0.1 Hailstorm does crash on my 2015 pre-A. For me it crashes just as the loading bar completes. Must be an OS-specific bug since Hailstorm loads properly on OS 5.1.0 and newer. Michael0x18 I highly suggest you update to OS 5.3.0, you'll be able to run programs without the need for the Asm( token and you'll be able to run any BASIC program out there. OS 5.3.0 contains no restrictions like OS 5.3.1 introduced and I've been running it ever since 2017 with no issues. You can get it here on TI-Planet:

Also, I believe you mistook the manufacturer label as your hardware revision. There is no revision L TI-84 Plus CE from 2015. If you don't see a letter after your date code then that means you have the first hardware revision of that calculator TI released (this is called a pre-A revision). Smile
The game is now very close to completion, I just finished up the readme and now only have the about screen to do. I think it's going to take me another day though, because I can't use the computer much today.

TheLastMillenial- My calculator's manufacturer labor is L-0518L. This should mean that it was made in May 2018, but what do the extra Ls mean? I think I had the same misconception as Michael0x18.
As a suggestion, I was wondering if it would be more asthetical to have the bullets appear at the end of the shooter's barrel as opposed to the base of it (or the middle). Maybe have the bullet be invisible until it reaches the end of the shooter's barrel. Imo, it looks weird that you can see the bullet being shot through the barrel as if it's being drawn over the barrel instead of through it -- which it is Wink
The game is now in a state where I feel that it is around 20 minutes of work away from releasing. I implemented the about page (see the attached screenshot), but this took a lot longer than I expected due to my word wrapping function being very slow. I've now added new functionality to the word wrapping function within my GUI library, and it is now a lot faster than it was previously (can expand more if anyone's interested). The text shown in the screenshot is generated entirely by these functions, and can be displayed using only one line of code:

optix_PrintWordWrap(290, 20, 40, 15, currline, 11);

Here's the screenshot:

Unfortunately, this is all I will be able to do today. To the best of my ability, I will try to release tomorrow, and I apologize for this unforseen delay. All that is left to do now is to implement KaluW_'s suggestion (5 minutes of work max, I've done things like that a lot before), and do final testing.
Looks great and has a nice degree of polish. Looking forward to the release Smile.
Version 1.0.0
I've uploaded the first version of HUE CE to the archives (over a week late, it was supposed to be released on the 16th of June). I look forward to getting some opinions on the game, and getting some suggestions from everyone on how to improve it. Here's what's new:


Version 1.0.0 changelog
[added] prompt that asks the player to confirm an exit of the game from the end screen
[added] delay before the bottom toolbar becomes active on the end screen
[added] the about page
[improved] bullets now shoot from the end of the turret
[fixed] a bug that could crash the game when viewing word-wrapped text

As I did with HailStorm on launch, I'm going to do another contest, once this program is accepted into the archives, where the highest scores are posted in this forum. In order to submit a score to this contest, please:
1. don't take a screenshot of the statistics page
2. take a screenshot of the end screen, showing your score and the game's statistics
3. include in your post what the score was
I look forward to seeing how high of scores you all can get, and if you're better than me at the game.

Thanks to everyone who helped and gave feedback during the development of this program. If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or additional feedback, please post in this forum.
The game is now available to download in the Cemetech archives! Here is the link to download it. Please post feedback in this thread; I look forward to hearing what you all think about the program.
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