I am unveiling a new non-PvP game for the server that is a cross between Clue, a scavenger hunt, and a mystery. Basically, the premise of this. Each round of the hunt has a victim/ghost, a murderer, and a detective/inspectors (me or another member of staff with /co access). At the scene of the "incident" there is a chest where the ghost of the player killed can leave evidence, clues. The murderer can remove evidence from that chest and/or substitute it with his or her own. The ghost and murderer may also construct things related to the mystery that may either be or contain the clue. There are limits and stipulations, however.

Your objective is to lead to the successful accusation of the player who killed you. You may do this by taking any two (2) of the following actions per day:
- Dropping a clue into the chest near the site of the incident. This clue may be an item related to the incident or a book with information in it.
- Creating some form of structure containing physical evidence related to the incident that befell you, that may or may not contain hazards. If you are going this route, you may not use any form of written anything in this structure. You may use design and items to tell the story, but you may not use written books, signs, or anything else with writing. You also must respect the building rules of the server with regards to building space, unless working in your own area.

** When leaving clues you may NOT name the murder using their IGN, real name, aliases, nicknames, or any other form of direct identifier that will give them away. You may also not make your clues so blatantly obvious that it gives the person away. If you're concerned about something being too obvious, poke me. **

Your objective is to deflect blame from yourself, usually by pointing fingers at someone else (preferably someone actually involved in the hunt). You may do this by taking any one (1) of the following actions per day:
- Drop a clue into the chest near the site of the incident, designed to look like an actual clue, but is in reality a misdirection.
- Design your own structure similar to that that the ghost can, to either hide a clue that is accurate, or to provide an inaccurate series of physical evidence. You must follow the same rules the ghost must if taking this route.
- Remove and destroy one clue the ghost has placed into the chest near the site of the incident.
** You are NOT allowed to remove any clue left by the detective. Named Det.Report #.**

The detective (me) will every so often, perform a log of actions taken at a specific site related to the event and drop in the chest near the incident a report of that data. Players trying to solve the mystery can corroborate the clues they receive with information in the reports to try to decipher which clues are true and which clues are false.

Inspectors typically are those who have the ability to use /co to research information about specific actions. Investigators can be asked by hunting players to do an inspection of a specific structure or chest and relay one (1) piece of information they feel to be significant. Players who are doing the hunt but able to use /co are asked not to serve this role on their own behalf, but instead to ask another capable person to do it for them.

Everyone Else
Everyone else, your objective is to figure out who is responsible by finding clues and Detective Reports and making an accusation. If you choose to accuse a player and you are incorrect, you are eliminated from the round, and can no longer seek clues or investigate the incident. If you accuse a player and are correct, you win the round. If everyone is incorrect, or the case is not solved within four (4) weeks from the start of the round, the murderer wins the round.
- When you find a clue or a structure, investigate it, and then leave everything as is. Do not disturb the scenes.
- Once per week, any player may request the services of an inspector (see above) to get one piece of information that they would otherwise be unable to obtain. This can only be done once per week by any of the players (If commandblockguy uses it week 1, noone else can do it until week 2).
- You may not speak directly to the ghost about this event.
- If you are playing and you also have access to coreinspect, you cannot ask *yourself* a question, log the action yourself, etc. Preferably, ask a neutral (not playing) person to do it for you.
- I (Nefarious) am not playing this round since I set up the thing and know who both are.

First Round
An unfortunate incident has befallen a player on the server. Head to my ice base, approximate coordinates 1861, 2297 to locate the scene of the incident.

PS: If you're involved in the hunt, let me know when you can. Just to make it easier for me to note eliminations and end a round when it's actually over.
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