X's and O's (or tictactoe, or noughts and crosses etc etc) has already been developed for the Prizm series, i know, but im in the process of making a much more updated version with the following features:
- 2 player support across two calculators using the serial cable
- variable AI difficulty, plus integration of minimax for added difficulty
- scoreboard that retains the scores between sessions
- optional time limit on turns
- many more quality of life stuff

i doubt many people would be interested, but its more my first public project, and my biggest project yet, having previously only attempted a Paint clone and several failed prototypes for random ideas
In which language are you going to do it: C, basic or perhaps without serial interface in Python? Or asm... Just wondering
C, using the PrizmSDK, its quite fun im finding so far (apart from the bugs)

Ive already made a version in python (8.7kb), however, python is quite limited in terms of only outputting text, in addition to a maximum of 300 lines (my version had ~250 lines) on the prizm
Great! Keep it up!
Forgot to say, if you want to download it, i have uploaded it to:

/beta/Prizm Noughts & Crosses (2020 edition).zip
/prizm/games/Noughts & Crosses (2020 edition).zip

HOWEVER, do note that it is still in development as updates are still being release around 2-3 times a week at the current rate, i imagine it may go down to 1 a week at some point as i still have college work that is taking priority for me
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