And no, none of your pokeballs were effective.

It has been quite the hot minute since I've posted up any calculator related stuff. Life got depressing and I lost focus on things that brought me enjoyment in life. Things have been changing, and I've finally been getting some real motivation to sit down and start working on some code once again. Got a new CE to play around with (Holy smokes BTetris screams on that thing) and I'm hoping to begin working again on a few things, like Calcopoly.

I even still have all my old notes for PokePur, but that will take some time to decipher where exactly I left off. I know it had something to do with the battle system, but that's really all I remember.

I'm currently working 13 hours a day, so any progress I do make will come in small steps, especially since I'll need to relearn where a lot of stuff is at BASIC wise. And I've also retaken to learning C (yes, saw the announcement, I believe we'll still have plenty of calcs out there to program for for the time being).

So, yeah. Hi.
It's great to see you around on Cemetech again, tifreak8x! I've of course had the pleasure of continuing to play Minecraft with you on the Cemetech Minecraft server throughout the duration of your absence, and you always are somewhere around on Discord, but it's nice to have you back on the forum, where it all started.

Is the new calculator that you got one the the unreleased colors?
It was indeed! Seeing how fast BASIC rolls on that calculator really helped me want to at least complete the Calcopoly project. I did realize playing around with it that I've since forgotten where commands and variables are located, so I will have a little bit of relearning to do, and I look forward to that as well. Smile

Hopefully in the next few months I'll be able to be rid of my part time job so I can get some more free time open to work on stuff. As it is now, it'll just be me picking at code and trying to get a few lines written here and there.
A short while back I found and picked up a Casio FX-9750 GIII graphing calculator at WalMart. It's a bit lighter and shorter than the normal calculators, and runs a monochrome screen. I've been toying with it a bit to flex some rusty programming fingers and have made a simple getkey program for it (I had forgotten that Casio's BASIC was a bit of a pain when it came to using the conditionals).

The calculator itself is kind of neat. Quick specs is 61450ish memory, 2641920 storage memory (apps), you can change language between English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portugues. OS Version of 3.21.3200 (would have to fire up some of my other Casio calcs to compare monochrome OS versions). It has a standard serial and mini-usb connectors at the top. Everything else seems fairly common among Casio calcs.

Anyways, back to poking around on the new calc. Smile
Anyways, back to poking around on the new calc. Smile

Pokemon for the Casio FX-9750 GIII confirmed?

Xeda112358 wrote:
Anyways, back to poking around on the new calc. Smile

Pokemon for the Casio FX-9750 GIII confirmed?


No. Bad Xeda, bad. :p

On a side note, I do have all of my old notes for Pokemon Purple, even found the old maps I had made on paper (had been worried that it was destroyed in the building fire).

One of these days, there are things I'd like to do for it, but right now, have to get back into the action.
Does that mean we need to port something Celtic II like to the CE for ya so you can port your PokePur work over to that calculator?

Heck I don't even know if that's possible now that I say, especially with the other recent news...

Either way, glad to see ya back tifreak8x!
Having some Celtic tools on the CE would be pretty sweet to have, though I'm hoping I can get myself focused on learning that C language further. Smile
Heya tifreak! Glad to see you getting back into your hobbies again Smile.
tr1p1ea wrote:
Heya tifreak! Glad to see you getting back into your hobbies again Smile.

It's definitely feeling great to get back into things, poking along with restoring my memory on where commands are hidden and the various syntaxes that made them work. :p
Welcome back tifreak! Iím looking forward to seeing what you do Smile
What up dawg
Wild! Canít wait to see what you make!
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