Hello! I'm back with a new project, albeit, a project that I already know I'm not going to be able to finish. Evil or Very Mad

Self-demoralization aside, I have been working hard on this (and on my schoolwork so I can get to this project in the first place), and I have what every Minecraft game needs: a terrain generator! My next step will be to implement Steve and all of his animations (they're all just rotations thankfully Razz).

This is a chunk (32x32) sample generated using yours truly Perlin Noise:

Right now, there seems to be a transposition error that is shifting the tilemap 8 blocks up from where it's supposed to be (meaning there are 8 extra layers at the bottom), but that can be fixed tomorrow. Cool

Oh... And the major features I plan to include in my game:
    placing and destroying blocks Razz
    mobs (both friendly and hostile)
    day-night cycles
    water bodies

...And the major features that will not be included (well... maybe eventually):
    caves (I don't know how I would implement these)
    nether (maybe eventually)
    TNT? (If I do end up implementing it, it's going to be very primitive)

Cool! Also, I would LUUV feedback on possible game elements you would like to see in my Minecraft game! Good Idea
Looks great so far man! Speed is good too Smile.

How many blocks will you include?
*Small Progress Repo*


into the terrain generator Smile

tr1p1ea wrote:
Looks great so far man! Speed is good too Smile.

How many blocks will you include?

It will be an infinite world... or in other words, the maximum capacity of memory the CE will let me store the world in (65kB?) Razz
How is this coming? Any new updates? It's been 3 months Razz

This looks really good, hope you're planning on doing more with it! Also please make the sky blue lol
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