Nearly 10 years ago, Cemetechian Raylin came up with the idea of Have Calc, Will Program (HCWP), designed first as a curated weekly audio-only webshow (what we'd now call a live podcast) where a special guest would talk about an interesting project or technique, Raylin would discuss news from around the community, and community members could listen in. It quickly evolved to a video-based show, and in its very first few weeks shifted to a democratized format, where anyone could come and discuss their projects, ask for help, and socialize. In the middle of the decade just ended, a core group of members would get together every Wednesday evening to videochat while working on projects, shoot the breeze, and keep in touch. Unfortunately, in the last three years or so, HCWP has largely died out.

But now we have the perfect impetus to get HCWP going again: the vast majority of our membership, if not everyone, is now living in a world where we are largely confined to our houses, attempting to "flatten the curve" of COVID-19 and prevent our hospitals and support systems from being overwhelmed. We've seen toilet paper hoarding, an explosion of video chat, shortages of ventilators and PPE, grocery stores constantly short of supplies, and social distancing. This seems like the perfect opportunity to resurrect the original "Zoom happy hour": Have Calc, Will Program. Join me and Cemetech tonight at the Hangout that has been on my calendar for years at 8pm Eastern (US) Daylight Time, tell us what you've been working on, and feel a sense of community in a world physically isolated. See you there!

Where: Google Hangouts
When: Every Wednesday night at 8pm ET (5pm PT, etc.)
Why: Socialize, share projects, get help.
I can definitely make it tonight, And likely for the foreseeable future as always.
This was always a great place to just catch up with our community members share our projects, and get help. Topics were never limited to just technology. We have done everything including help members get better at public speaking!

So to any of the regulars it will be nice to catch up!
To any of the new people thinking of stopping by we look forward to meeting you Very Happy
Awesome - my calcs show that I've missed it by an hour and a half?

Will be tuning in next week with any luck!

EDIT - My mistake!
Yeah its a nice place to catch up with everyone. I should also be available to attend for the foreseeable future.
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