5'7", but I'm in 9th grade Razz
calclover2514 wrote:
5'7", but I'm in 9th grade Razz

My mom was 5'7 in junior high (yes she was taller than the boys in her class)
5' 5", In 9th grade, lol. I feel so short. My mom is 5' 3" and my dad is 6 feet tall.
6' 4", senior in college. I'm old.
5'8, Junior in HS.
My height is 5 feet 10 inches ... in general, growth is not very high .... although the person himself is important and not his height. lol
4' 11".
Last time I checked, I was about 5' 7". I need to check my height at home.
Last I checked I was 5' 6". Also in 8th Grade.
6' 4.5"
I have grown to 5' 7.5'' since my last post. Still a bit away from 666.
5' 10". Also I'm a sophomore
~6'0.5" or ~184cm
I'm 165 cm, or 5'4", whichever you prefer. (I'm currently in 9th grade) ((also why am i replying to a topic abandoned for a year))
I'm 10 TI-84 Plus CEs tall if this helps
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