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After much endeavoring and much tricky conniving with command blocks and redstone circuits, the likes of which would make your favorite Youtube Minecraft redstoner shutter with disgust, I am unveiling Mob Mayhem, an aptly named minigame where you get to battle against progressively intensifying waves of mobs to win points/tokens and earn cool prizes.


This game is vastly automated. Everything from who you are playing with to friendly fire, wave progression, gear/armor upgrades, and end-of-game conditions is all automated. There is no need to worry about anything besides reading the directions and following them. I hereby disclaim any and all responsibility for loss of gear that results from people's failure to read the users manual.

Warnings and Guidelines
1) There are three control signs barring access to the arena. The one on the left teleports you inside. The two next to it enable or disable a flag preventing the system from modifying your armor. If you are going in with your own armor, make sure you click the sign saying "Want to play for fun?" If you do not, the system will overwrite your existing armor.

2) If you are playing competitive mode, be sure to click on the sign that says "Play Competitively?". If you do not do this, the system will not replace your armor, and thus you will have to fight out the match with leather armor.

3) If the gate to enter the prep zone is closed, the arena is in use. Please exit the world and return later. If you remain too close to the arena when players are on their final wave, your inventory may be cleared if it detects you as part of the playing team.

4) Please be considerate of other players online. If you see someone waiting to try the event, please don't continue to do multiple rounds. Let someone else in. Also, if there are other players online doing other things and the server performance goes down, give the event a rest and let other people enjoy their time online. I took a number of steps to minimize any lag impact from running my event to the server, but bear in mind that in a low TPS environment, every little bit counts.

5) The event's underlying programming consists of multiple things designed to minimize the lag impact of running it.
[] to minimize lag spikes that occur when the mobs are teleported at once into the arena, the teleportation is done in groups no larger than 10 every tick. Say the pulse runs for 4 redstone ticks with 5 players (4 RS ticks = 8 game ticks). The system would spawn 1 mob per player per tick, resulting in 50 mobs... 5 per tick. Rather than teleporting 40 at once, each tick 4 are teleported. The benefit of this change is yet to be tested.
[] should something within the event bug out and lock up the system, a condition that would cause runaway mob spawning, the event is programmed to activate a failsafe, shut itself down, kill off the mobs, and /tellraw the error to everyone playing.

There are two possible modes of play:
1) Competitive mode, which requires that you begin with the provided leather armor and stone weapons. Upgrades to your armor and weapons are given to you as you progress, as are other forms of helpful items. You only earn points for this mode.

2) Casual mode. Take whatever gear you want in with you. Wreak havoc. Feel like a champion. Get no points.

In each mode of play, there are 3 game formats:
1) Team ACag-Hosted Matches: These are matches that are announced by me (NefariousArcher/ACagliano), and hosted by me, in coordination with whoever else joins. I am running these 2-3 times per week at pre-scheduled times, with addition randomly announced matches.

2) Solo, Self-Hosted Matches: These are matches that you run by yourself. You are the only competitor in this format. You are trying to survive on your own against the waves.
[] to have these rounds scored for the tournament, you must submit to me via discord a screenshot of the kills and deaths scoreboard for your round. You telling me does not count. You must submit at least 7 solo round to qualify for the tournament that month. If you send me more than 7 (max 20 per month), I will only use your top 7.

3) Team, Self-Hosted Matches: These are like ACag-Hosted matches, except you are running them on your own with your own team. These formats are not scored at all.

[Scoring Brackets]
If your KD ratio is: between 0 and 25, you receive 2 tokens
If your KD ratio is: between 26 and 50, you receive 4 tokens
If your KD ratio is: between 51 and 100, you receive 6 tokens
If your KD ratio is: 100 or above, you receive 8 tokens
If you score the highest out of the group you played with (team) or the highest for the month (solo), you win an additional 2 points.
* this is subject to change
* prize costs may drop depending on how long players take to win mobs.
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