LogicalJoe wrote:
Happy birthday beckadam!

I have been enjoying following the development of your projects on Discord and even assisting with some bug testing!
I hope to see many more great projects to go with IcyCraft CE, BASM-3, BCEDF, and BOSshell in the future!

Thank you! Very Happy

Yeah BOSshell is definitely something I need to work on more seriously again. BASM I'm not sure how much more dev I'm gonna put into it in the near future. IcyCraft I'm still working slowly on the rewrite Razz BCEDF? I almost forgot about that one! Just Joking I have ideas for document formats all the time, and I hope to share more of them Smile

Now we wait for TLM and his cake...
MateoConLechuga wrote:
Happy birthday! Smile

Thank you! Very Happy
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