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I am working on a Pokemon game. Idk if i should keep going because it would be text based since i havent learned how to make games with the graphs. To look at the game just download the game here and send it all to ram then open pgrmRPG:
More pokemon is always a good thing - however this should probably be in the 'Your Projects' section.

Care to post any screenshots?
tr1p1ea wrote:
More pokemon is always a good thing - however this should probably be in the 'Your Projects' section.

Care to post any screenshots?

Sure here

How tho show text on the graph screen:
Hit [2nd] [prgm], and go to the 'text(' token. Then type your y position, a comma, and THEN the x position. This goes by pixels so it starts at 1,1 as the minimum. Then add another comma and add the text inside quotes. You can use the clrDraw command found in the same menu to clear the graph.
You would not want to use the graph because you would need to make a custom menu (which isn't that easy for beginners). If I were you I would just stay on the home screen. Later, if you ever want to add some animation, you could switch between the graph and home, but since you haven't done anything on the graph yet I wouldn't. (After this try doing some stuff on the graph)
I know it's been a month, but I saw this and it piqued my interest. Pokemon already exists on the TI-84 Plus CE, but mostly as incomplete/faulty ports (and the Ti-Boy emulator, but where's the fun in that?), so I think this is a neat idea! Here's a little graphing code I made a while back, heavily commented:

"initialize a variable for getKey later

StoreGDB 1
"store original graph settngs

"change graph size settings

"the usable graph size is 264x164, so I'd resize it to that for
"lines, animations, shapes, etc.

"remove extra graph components

"make sure the screen is already fullscreen

"and make it clean

Output(4,6,"THESE ARE WORDS."
Output(6,8,"Press Enter"


"set the screen to half-graph + half-homescreen

"text printed to the graph after this line will be red


"text printed after this line will be light blue


Input "NUMBER: ",A

"text printed after this line will be black

Text(60,10,"This is a number: "+toString(A)
"you can't add a number to a string, so the
"variable [A] is made into a string here

Disp " "
"makes a new line

Pause "     (ENTER TO QUIT)"

"toggles screen straight to full-size graph

Repeat K≠0

"gets a keypad keypress and stores it to [K] as a number

Text(70,35,"Hope this helps ya, good luck!"



RecallGDB 1
"reset original graph settings

DelVar GDB1
"delete the old settings, they take up valuable space


The most important part of this are the StoreGDB and RecallGDB commands, they let you save old graph settings so you can completely break them and then reset afterwards, there's documentation on the TI-Basic Developer website. This should get your started with the graph, creating custom menus, and maybe some animations too. Good luck Frosty!
Ah, Pokemon on a graphing calculator, takes me back to my old project.. I really need to crack out the code and notes and do something again..
I've played that and I hope you do get back to it because it was very cool from what I saw. Though I have to say my favorite Pokemon game on ti84 is a remake of the emerald battle coliseum. Hope to keep working on this, as I have a 3 week spring break bc of CoRoNa ViRuS
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