I've been having an issue with visiting Cemtech lately-- it has been a heck of a resource hog. I decided to figure it out, and I had my suspicions that it was the snowflakes in the banner. So I disabled it and sure enough, that fixed it. I let my computer set (with Cemtech open full screen) for a few minutes to let my computer get back down to a normal-ish temp:

Then I decided to test for a few minutes to make sure that I could replicate it, then I recorded it.
Here is what happened after refreshing and letting the snow animation continue for two minutes:

Then disabling within that same minute:

It's legitimately a pretty animation, but ▪______▪
Could you please share what browser you're using?

I'm using the latest Firefox on the latest Windows 10; the animation is using some resources, but not nearly as much as Xeda is experiencing. My CPU (i5-6300U) only idles 10-15% above normal with the animation on and the effects on my RAM are minimal. My GPU (HD Graphics 520) is 13% higher utilization with animation on.
I'm using Chrome: "Version 79.0.3945.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)"

RAM consumption is pretty minimal for me, too.

I tested in Firefox, and it is significantly better (but does still use ~25% of my CPU).

I do have a pretty low-end laptop, about on par with my Raspberry Pi 4, fwiw.
Chrome is the problem, not Cemetech. Chrome is extremely resource intensive at the best of times, and though it may be a good browser, if you're looking for lightweight, Chrome is not the browser you are looking for.
I spent an hour trying to figure out why my system was having trouble and CEmu was only able to emulate a coach at 75% most of the time ... I had several instances of chrome open on the forums lol.
calclover2514 wrote:
Chrome is the problem, not Cemetech. Chrome is extremely resource intensive at the best of times, and though it may be a good browser, if you're looking for lightweight, Chrome is not the browser you are looking for.

The "idle" is while I was using Chrome while typing up a post on Cemetech. The other two were also while I was working on that same post.

Yes, Chrome can be intensive, but that's not the issue shown Razz Even streaming Netflix wasn't as intensive.
Just idling on my computer and Safari is pulling 2% of my CPU. I think we're going to need more conclusive evidence that the snowflakes are pulling 71% of your CPU.

When you say "disabled it" what steps did you take?
Well, the idle is after manually disabling it with my browser's inspect tool. It's also worth noting that as soon as the snowflakes are scrolled out of view, it stops taxing my CPU.
Maybe it's causing your system to 'freeze' ..... *runs*.
For me, a Cemetech tab with the snow banner visible consumes about 5x the CPU time as a YouTube video streaming at 1080p. Those with relatively powerful/multi-core CPUs would never notice, but if you're on a lower-end machine, it could definitely consume a decent chunk of total CPU time. For a silly seasonal animation, maybe not worth it...

EDIT: From another perspective, when running on battery, my laptop with tons of stuff open but otherwise "idle" consumes about 3W of CPU power. The snow effect alone brings that up to 7W. Doing some rough mental math on my usual battery runtime and battery capacity, the snow effect could cost up to about 15% of my battery runtime.
I looked into this in more detail about 8 months ago and determined the issue was that the animation operated on background-position properties which requires relayout on every frame.

I had thrown something together that used a video much like a certain somebody has also done, but wasn't satisfied with the quick-and-dirty render I had made. So I've now burned a few hours writing a script that could composite frames from the existing animation sources to generate a video overlay that looks basically the same as the old animation but should require much less CPU to display (..and it now loops cleanly).

Currently only available for cemetech7 pages; I need to take a little time to backport the change yet, but that should be Soon.
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