In astonishing news, TI-Planet posted an article about the hacker Ben Imbushio who, over the course of a month, found a way to get Windows 10 IoT (Internet of Things is basically the stripped down version of Windows) on his HP Prime G2! He ran into many hurdles, mostly due to the small 320x240 resolution not being big enough to display entire error codes. Despite the setbacks, Imbushio was able to overcome them and got the main functions working (screencap)! Boot time is about 3 minutes and 30 seconds which isn't too bad compared to some school computers. Razz

Don't get too excited to start running Windows if you've got an HP Prime G2 yourself. Unfortunately this trick requires some hardware modification to the motherboard so it's no simple project. TI-Planet's article includes much more detail and lots more eye candy about the steps Imbushio went through to get to this state. It's very interesting so go give the article a look in English or French! You can also check out Imbushuo's blog which documents some of the more technical parts of the project!
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