I have no idea what is the best way to have "bullets" in an ice game. The only way I can imagine is by having a terrible time doing it like this (where when a bullet is fired it's corresponding variable is set to 1)
If BulletOne=1
If BulletTwo=1

etc. Bulletone and Bullettwo are variables for having multiple separate bullets onscreen. If you don't understand my ramblings then ignore them, I just want to know how, like CALCUZAP, implements bullets, into their code.
They probably keep an array that contains each bullets X,Y, ∆X, and ∆Y. When a bullet is added, it is appended to the end of the array. When it is removed, swap it with the last element, then reduce the array size by one element. When you want to advance each bullet, you erase it (if necessary on your application), add each bullet's ∆X and ∆Y to its X and Y, then redraw.

This is the standard idea, as for how to implement it in ICE, not sure (I don't have a CE :/ ).
In ICE, you would want to use a list in order to store elements. Here's the documentation page for lists.

If you wanted to store the position and speed of each bullet, that would be 4 3-byte values or 12 bytes for each bullet. So you could do L1(12*N+0) to get/store the X coord of the Nth bullet, L1(12*N+3) for the y-coord, and L1(12*N+6) and L1(12*N+9) for the X and Y velocity of then Nth bullet. If all bullets are moving at the same speed/direction you could use 6 instead of 12 and only use the positions of each bullet.
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