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Hey everyone, don't know who is still around but I figured I would let you know I am getting back into it for a couple months! I had a baby and he's just now old enough that I am getting some free time again to dedicate some to my favorite hobby Smile

I noticed Prizoop has gotten a lot more popular as the FX-CG50 is getting more love lately based on it's pricing, I guess?

I am thinking of the following projects, let me know what you think:

1) Setting up my modified Prizm SDK which builds Prizoop, has better C++ integration, and has better compatibility with FX-CG50 as a "standard" SDK we can carry forward on my github. I'd also like to add my discoveries for fast screen blitting using line by line async DMA as an included library, and maybe set up some much nicer example projects so new people have a much better place to start tinkering. One of my biggest pet peeves is there is a ton of overlap between the SDK and libFXCG, they should both build from source together in one repo.

2) Finishing Nesizm! There's a bit of dust to wipe off. I had my code running Super Mario Bros 3 before I stopped working on it last. It was playing Punch Out and others as well but I recall it had speed issues and corruption problems with a lot of games. It would be good to get this one done! It would require some heavy assembly work to get it running full speed on the FX-CG20

3) Libraries and example projects? I implemented very effective sound playback for Prizoop using the new fangled one bit "voltage tracking" technique. This could be turned into a single essential library where you give it a basic sound sample buffer and volume callbacks. I also think there are good built-in opportunities for dynamic overclocking, compression, sprite/drawing routines, etc.

4) The Casio built-in Python appears to be pretty lame. Would be fun to make a better one by porting PyCopy: https://github.com/pfalcon/pycopy and integrating functionality from libraries mentioned above with more system level access and ability to write games.

Who all is still around? Anyone have any thoughts?
Great news on the baby and you being back. Congrats. I’m looking forward to improvements to sdk for fxcg50. I wonder how pycopy compares to khicas. Whatever you do please make it compilable on windows
PyCopy, CircuitPython and their original upstream MicroPython are real Python implementations, so in this respect, they're clearly superior to KhiCAS, which "only" has giac's Python-like compatibility layer Smile

Windows 10 users can use WSL and WSL2, which are not perfect, but decrease the need of providing native Windows builds for development platforms. Windows 8 has been dead for a while, Windows 7 will soon be dead, and 10 is simply better than 8.1, in terms of features and general hardening, though there's the need to disable a bunch of telemetry (in non-Enterprise editions).
I confused pycopy with sympy and completely misunderstood the original point 4, sorry, i thought it meant some CAS or something similar to eigenmath or khicas add-in.
I've started on the SDK update. You can see the project here:


This now includes libfxcg and libc full source included, and it all builds together in the SDK with the same toolchain as our custom add-ins. For me, make.bat works for libfxcg and libc under Cygwin and correctly links and runs Prizoop and Nesizm with no error.

I'm going to be moving some of my generic libraries as well as other people's work such as sentaro's ptune into a utils folder within the SDK so it can easily be linked by new projects. I would also like to add more easily used SDK functions for items you've worked out amazonka like updating the add-in icon.

For CG50 I am adding a device detection function. I'd like to work out how to build in multiple add-in icons for the .g3a file by device, or at least modify mkg3a to allow for multiple target devices with icon sets (so we can have a white icon and a black icon based on the target Prizm calculator)

If anyone has any other functionality they've seen in Prizm apps they think should be in the SDK let me know!
Oh btw @gbl08ma do you feel comfortable with me using your version of libfxcg instead? If you ever read this Razz
I was just about to try to figure out how to get the last version on Joni's github to make after getting 0.3 compiling yesterday, and lo you've returned with plans to maintain an improved compiler. Very excited to see what's coming.
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