Hello again,
Now, for my far too quick second post, I'm looking for some tips on an educational program for TI-BASIC. I'm making this due to the majority of my math class being shocked by me programming note sheets, equation solvers, and minigames for post-test into my calculator (even my teacher wants to know more, and he's genuinely interested rather than trying to stop me!). I'll be directing this towards those who have little or no prior experience, but even those who are adequate can skip to a higher level lesson. I'm hoping anyone else who is new, or knows someone who could use it (or might want to), can use this program to their aid in learning to code. In my TI-84+ CE it's called prgmLRN2CODE (I had to say it simply because of how corny and cliche it is).

There are different levels of lessons (probably 0-10, with 3 or so sections each), and it will have plenty of built in resources to figure out what certain functions are for, and so on. I'm working on an interpreter-type subprogram that can call upon specifically named programs that the user writes as a "test", and the grade (per-say) will be based upon how accurate each line represents one of a few possible ways to be written. For example, it would check whether the code contains one of (I think there are 3) 3 different while loops for a required section, and would be graded upon criteria like that. I'm making it sound a bit more advanced than it is, but I hope you all get the jist of my idea. There will be included sample code for each of the lessons for the user to easily access and read over for studying, referring to, or learning better from. I'm leaving intentional bugs and extra lines as the levels progress, and the user is instructed to fix such errors. Some results cannot be tested, but if the user has a passion, and they should have some by the time they reach that point, they'll continue on nonetheless. This program plans to teach from the most basic 1 line program, all the way to advanced, confusing programs, but doesn't move into assembly. There is also going to be a built in index that will include all characters needed, and including characters that (as far as I can tell) can only be typed on a computer, for calc only users to copy and paste. There will also be a glossary to define functions and what they're for. There will be a common error section for users to see a more accurate description of what their error may be, down to something as simple and mundane as an infinite loop.

I'm looking for any tips on how to approach this undertaking, anything that I should include, any links to resources, anyone who might be interested, etc.

Any and all help is beyond appreciated Very Happy
Hey, welcome to Cemetech! Right off the bat, I'd like to give you the link to TI Basic Developer which has everything you need to know about programming in BASIC!

So it sounds like you're trying to read the code of a BASIC program using another BASIC program? Unfortunately, BASIC can't read lines of code from other programs, it can only execute the entire program. However, you could use some assembly code (I'd suggest using ICE for its simplicity) to help you out with that.

I like your ideas of leaving broken programs others have to debug. Also, including an index of all the characters is pretty nice to have! The CE has a basic description of how to use every function (aka token). If you go to the catalog ([2nd]>[0]) then press [+] next to any token, it'll pull up what arguments you need for that function to work. However, it doesn't say what each token is used for, that would be a nice addition!

Sounds like a cool project, let us know if you have any other questions!

programming...equation solvers
Press [math], scroll to the bottom, and press [enter]. Wink
Thanks! I'll be sure to look into these!
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