How do you think this'll turn out?
I can see this getting finished in the next few months.
 27%  [ 3 ]
This will take a while to finish.
 27%  [ 3 ]
This will probably get released unfinished.
 18%  [ 2 ]
This will never get released.
 27%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 11

FireHauzer (found here) is the current name for an idea for a game I've been working on.

I thought I would combine elements of shooter games (specifically third-person shooters and shoot 'em ups) for this project if it gets anywhere.
Currently, I only have the opening screen ready with some degree of a menu.

Here's the opening screen:

Also, this project's already at 10812 bytes (including the logo's 5610 bytes), so I'm starting to think that I'll eventually have to use appvars for some more detailed parts of the project (e.g. images, "scenarios", etc.)

Feedback will be appreciated.
Cool name and awesome titlescreen opening!

So it's like a 3rd person shmup?
Yeah, and some parts should be another 3rd-person section where the player flying around in a ship shooting enemies.
I don't really like the main menu design, could you make that better?

The concept looks really good though, looking forward to more progress.
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