I've started developing xokn, a 24-TET chiptune synthesizer application with a custom, console-like GUI.
A link to the GitLab repo follows: https://gitlab.com/SopaXorzTaker/xokn.

It's completely unfinished yet and the compiled binary is just testing the UI code by displaying a few menus and screens.
Update: it's somewhat working now, see the follow-up post and the TODO list below.

Due to a rather widespread habit of leaving hobby projects unfinished, I decided to post an announcement here for some motivation of sorts.

Some screenshots of the progress so far are presented below.

Features implemented so far:

    Note picker (with audio preview)
    Oscillator/envelope configuration dialog
    Tab editor
    Synth (multiple channels of various waveforms)
    Main screen (assigning tabs to waveform channels, etc.)
    File configuration menu (tempo, tab length)
    Playback of tabs with an interactive, animated preview (somewhat)
    File export


    More usable UI and key combinations... Laughing
LOVE Chiptunes - this project looks (or sounds?) awesome! Smile.
I just made some progress on this, now one's indeed able to create and arrange a tune in it if they don't mind the incredibly cryptic controls.

The things to improve now are making the tab playback screen more interactive by allowing it to be interrupted, and of course implementing the import/export of synth and audio files.
Having just implemented the ability to export WAV files, I quickly made two (admittedly crappy) tunes for a small demo.

Due to the flickery nature of the (unrelated) visualizer used, seizure warning for both videos linked below.
Demo 1: https://youtu.be/jjI6zPe5CpI
Demo 2: https://youtu.be/A8l-vhBLRsI
Another tune composed with this, seizure warning again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epJYkkbpAHo
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