Hello all!
First time actually posting here on Cametech (unless I posted earlier on and forgot about it).
Ive been looking into doing a performance comparison between TI-BASIC, Optimised TI-BASIC, ICE compiled TI-BASIC, Optimized ICE compiled TI-BASIC, C libs, and straight up eZ80 ASM. To compare results, I made a 3D sphere demo in TI-BASIC. It takes about 5 seconds per frame to calculate and draw 70 points.
So, to compare, I need to rewrite the program in all those aforementioned languages.
First off, I wanted to have a stab at eZ80 asm, as I've already made small demos with the C libraries and wanted a change of pace.

But now im left with this:
Idk how to even initialize a variable.
Ive done some 6502 ASM, and there there really isn't a BIOS, so you just write to ram at a given address.

So far I've tried:


  .db $01

at the bottom of the .asm file, but that throws an error in my compiler (SPASM-NG)


src.asm:12: warning SW800: Value too large for 8-bits, truncation required

I assume just writing to the registers is a bad idea, as they get overwritten all the time.

Sorry for the noob-ish question, help is appreciated!
If you are using the TI-84+CE, I would recommend taking a look at this documentation: https://github.com/CE-Programming/documentation

You can use the following to load and store to a variable:

   ; 8-bit variable
   ld   a,(variable8)
   inc   a
   ld   (variable8),a

   ; 24-bit variable
   ld   hl,(variable24)
   inc   hl
   ld   (variable24),hl

   db   0

   dl   0
Oh alright, thanks! I appreciate the help!
You made a 3D sphere demo? I've been dying to get my hands on a TI-Basic 3D engine for the TI-84 pce, so would you mind posting your code here? If you can't or don't want to, it's fine.
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