It use to be when I visited a topic on my phone or laptop then later viewed the 'go to the new posts' section on the other device that it would mark that topic I visited as read for both devices. Now it's only updating the read topic for each individual device; so if I visit a topic on my phone, it still shows up as unread on my laptop.

This issue has been persisting for over a week and I just encountered the bug a few minute ago. Since I consistently switch between my laptop and mobile for visiting Cemetech, it quickly gets confusing which topics are actually new. I would appreciate it if this would be fixed!

Laptop: Surface Book running Windows 10 Pro, Firefox 69.0.1
Phone: iPhone X running iOS 12.1.2, Firefox 19.1
weird... Try using chrome and see if a different browser combination fixes it...
I feel like this is related to a topic titled "New Posts" section doesn't keep unreads. To which I confirmed that's intended behavior. However, this is slightly different as the topics aren't all being marked as read.

I cannot replicate this (using Safari on macOS and Brave on macOS) as all the unread topics are marked as read when I sign in from a new browser (intended behavior).

I feel like this has to do with how Firefox handles Cookies/Sessions, perhaps it syncs them if you are signed into a Firefox account? How long have you been using FireFox on either device? Did you recently create an account and sign in on both of them?
Ah, I must've missed that topic, it sound like what I'm experiencing.

I've been using Firefox on both devices and signed in on both of them for years. The only thing that changed is going from Cemetech 6 to Cemetech 7.

I logged in on Edge and immediately all read threads were marked correctly, I refreshed the 'go to the new posts' page on Firefox and it correctly displayed the read and unread threads. So would this most likely be an issue of Firefox not reporting the last session time correctly?
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