Does anyone have any BASIC string compressors/decompressors? I really need one for my contest entry, or it is going to end up using way too much space. I researched some algorithms and know how to implement them, I'm just not sure any of them would be as good or effective as y'all's. For reference, I store my strings a separate program like this:

If M=1:"<A_260_char_string>
If M=2:"<Another_260_char_string>
If M=3:"<A_3rd_260_char_string>

There was a competition in 2016 for who could come up with the best string compression based on speed and compression ratio. Here are some solutions.

I wasn't able to find the PT_'s solution which seems to have been wiped off the face of the forum. I can't speak for the others but you can use my code if you want. It didn't win the contest though Laughing

Edit: I don't know if the rules of the new contest allow stealing code. You should make sure it isn't against the rules.
Sorry for replying late, I'm not really sure why I did that...
I will probably use your compressor, as it is the only true "compression," and works with what I need. earthnite+jonbush's solution only removed the spaces, which would not work for me, and lirtosiast's solution wasn't really compression at all (at least not what I needed). Thanks for the help!
P.S. Got a decompressor to go along with it? If not oh well, I'll just do it myself :ℙ
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